Are you looking for pure CBD that is free of other cannabinoids? What you should buy is a CBD isolates. The CBD market offers a wide range of isolates for you to purchase. However, ensure you go for high quality brands instead of spending money on any product you come across. One way to find out more about a given CBD isolate is through reviews. That being said, below is a detailed article about CBD isolates, and everything you should know in between from their safety to examples of products to consider buying.


What is CBD isolate?


CBD isolate is a type of cannabidiol containing CBD only and not any other cannabinoids or terpenes. In short, it is pure CBD. It is also THC-free. Manufacturers conduct extra processing to come up with the purest form of CBD 99+%.  Terpenes are hemp plant substances responsible for giving CBD flavor and scent. Companies offer tasteless, odorless CBD isolates and also those with flavors. If the unflavored isolates do not appeal to you can always look for flavored CBD isolates.


You can get pure CBD in powder or crystalline forms. Besides, there is also CBD isolate slab, which is a more consolidated form that ends up in a crystalline solid.


Remember, CBD works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system, which regulates several functions in your body, including appetite, mood, and pain. Your body already produces its own cannabinoids to controls these functions. When you consume more cannabinoid, they improve your body’s ability to deal with issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, and stress.


How to use CBD isolate


Since CBD isolate is pure CBD, it means it has a dense concentration of cannabidiol. Use it to boost your CBD intake. Products with full-spectrum CBD contain other components besides CBD. They come with 0.3 % THC and more cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, and CBN, which work alongside CBD to give you an entourage effect. In addition to the cannabinoids mentioned earlier, full-spectrum CBD products may also contain THCA, which is an acidic precursor to THC. Unlike THC, THCA does not produce a psychoactive “high” until it has been heated, typically through smoking or vaping. By understanding the differences between THCA vs CBD, individuals can make informed decisions about the type of cannabinoid product they prefer and tailor their usage accordingly.


There are many ways you can use CBD isolates. For example, you can opt for the sublingual method where you place a small amount of isolate under your tongue and hold for 30-60seconds before swallowing. The mucous membrane of your tongue assimilates the CBD to make you feel the effects of cannabidiol fast. However, this method is quick but the effects do not last long.


Since CBD isolate is fat soluble, you can also sprinkle it on your food and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Add the substance to your topicals such as balms, lotions, and cream and let it work its magic. Mix cannabidiol isolate crystals with your e-juice and vape. You can also smoke the product of you like.


Benefits of CBD isolate


CBD isolate is highly potent and fast acting to provide relief for various health conditions. Even though it requires more research, CBD is helping people manage pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and better the quality of life. With the CBD isolate, you can reduce chronic pain and inflammation to ensure you are more comfortable. If you are struggling with insomnia, cannabidiol can assist in improving your sleep patterns to provide you with restful nights and naps.


Perhaps you are having a difficult day or you are going through a rough patch in your life. Relieve stress using CBD isolates and boost the quality of your life. If anxiety is messing up your personal and work life, CBD is a natural alternative to helping you stay calm in tense situations.


After working out, use an isolate to encourage recovery for exercise-caused inflammation. If CBD can assist with these health conditions and more, isolates are worth using to improve your general wellbeing and have you in a wonderful mood.


Best CBD Isolate Brands


All manufacturers claim that their CBD isolates are great. However, no brand can ever be similar to another. For that reason, let us look at some of the best CBD isolates to purchase.




HealthworxCBD is one of the popular CBD brands you will come across offering a variety of products including CBD isolate. The company isolate in two strengths 500mg and 1000mg to provide buyers with more than one option. The isolate is crystalized CBD consisting of pure, high quality ingredients. You can get it in several variants 0.5grams, 1gram, 5grams, 7grams, and 14grams.




  • Contains simple and easy ingredients not some complex elements
  • Has organic hemp-derived CBD
  • Uses non-GMO and CO2 extracted cannabidiol
  • Free of additives, pesticides, and chemicals
  • Well-made with proper packaging
  • Simple to use




  • It can be costlier than some isolates


Lazarus Naturals


Lazarus Naturals offers two isolate products Bulk CBD Isolate and cycling Cycling Frog Terpene infused or raw CBD isolate. The Bulk option is available in several amounts 200g, 100g, 50g, 20g, and 5g. That way, you can always choose which amount suits you best. With the Cycling Frog Terpene-infused product, you get three flavor choices Valencia orange, Hawaiian citrus, and lemon lime. The flavors consist of natural ingredients to protect your health. However, the Cylcing Frog Raw isolate is unflavored and does not contain any terpenes. The two products come in in a 1g amount.




  • Vegan and non-GMO
  • Has high quality, safe, and consistent components
  • Dissolves in several carrier oils
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • The CBD is third party tested for potency, heavy metals, and pesticides




  • Some users may not like the taste of raw isolate with no flavor




As one of the CBD isolates on the market, CBDistllery offers two products for you to choose. One is CBDelicious formulation powder, which is odorless and tasteless. It is available in three purchase options 1g, 10g at $25 per gram, and 100g at $18 per gram. The second product goes by the name CBD isolate powder (crystalline), which is also available in 1g, 10g at $25 per gram, and 100g at $20 per gram. The two items contain anhydrous hemp oil and no other active ingredients.




  • Superior quality isolate
  • The CBD undergoes third party lab tests
  • The company derives cannabidiol from naturally grown hemp
  • Easy to use isolate
  • Usable in several ways
  • The isolate is clean and fast-acting




  • Has a mild aftertaste


Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web isolate assists users achieve calmness, manage stress, sustain healthy sleep cycles, and foster recovery from exercise-related inflammation. One bottle of the isolates should provide you with 30 servings. The company website states that each 1ml serving contains 20mg of CBD. The 1ml is equal to 2 droppers, and a maximum of two servings per day are enough.




  • The bottle comes with a dropper for easier measuring
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • Contains CBD from certified hemp plants




  • The unflavored taste might not appeal to some users, but it is also good as it will not change the taste of your food.


Green Roads


Green Roads offers CBD isolate dab crystals to help you boost your cannabidiol intake. The company is known for providing high-quality CBD products including capsules, syrups, and topicals. The products undergo independent tests to ensure you get top-notch isolates.




  • Affordable
  • Contains organic hemp CBD
  • High quality




  • Some users do not like the taste


Are CBD isolates safe to use?


CBD isolates are safe to use considering all they contain is cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive components. The best CBD isolate manufacturers provide high quality products with no additives or other chemicals. They use CBD from hemp grown naturally on farms. There is no need to worry about side effects, as long as you use the isolates the right way. Besides, the market offers vegan and gluten free CBD isolates if that is what you need.


Does CBD isolate get you high?


As mentioned earlier, CBD isolate does not get you high. Cannabidiol is THC-free, so it has no elements that affect the normal functioning of your brain. Besides, the best manufacturers in the CBD industry use naturally grown hemp with no heavy metals or pesticides in making their CBD for isolates. Besides, they do not use harmful additives.


Final Thoughts


CBD isolates are helpful products for those looking for pure CBD. They are THC-free and have no other cannabinoids. You get to benefit from the full potential of CBD. There are many ways of using CBD isolates, which makes them as versatile as possible. You can always use different methods to prevent monotony. There are many products on the market, but it is crucial that you purchase the best brands available. We have already looked on the examples of the best, pure, CBD crystals and powders to get you started. Despite each one of them having a downside, they are all worthwhile purchases. You now stand a better chance of buying the right CBD isolate for you.


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