Hair transplants are life-changing procedures. However, if you’ve looked into the cost of getting a hair transplant here in the UK, then you’ve probably also noticed that the procedure comes with an eye-watering price tag. As a result, for many people, the cost of a hair transplant simply makes the procedure unobtainable.

Thankfully though, a number of countries around the world offer the same procedure for a fraction of the price. With this in mind, here are our top recommendations for the places you should visit if you’re looking to get a hair transplant.

#1 Turkey

We think Turkey is the best place to visit for your hair transplant. After all, the country is affectionately known as the ‘headquarters of hair transplants in the world’. Every year, almost half of the world’s hair transplants are performed here, including 300,000 transplants in Istanbul alone. As a result, the hair transplant industry in Turkey is worth over $1 billion annually.

It’s easy to see why Turkey is such a popular place for a hair transplant, too. Prices are up to 80% cheaper than they are at top London clinics and many of the country’s hospitals have highly-qualified surgeons. Plus, because there are 500+ direct flights to Istanbul every year, it’s easy to reach the country for your procedure. If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant in the country, then we recommend that you find out more about hair transplants in Turkey before you book your procedure. This way, you can make sure that travelling to Turkey for your hair transplant is the right choice for you.

#2 Poland

Poland’s advanced healthcare system means that the country offers quality service and advanced medical technology. In addition, because Poland isn’t part of the Eurozone, the cost of a hair transplant is incredibly low. In fact, it’s usually 20%-40% cheaper than in any other Western European country.

In addition to this, the medical technology in Poland is so advanced that some clinics even use robots to carry out procedures. The ARTAS robot has been specifically designed for hair transplant procedures and it can place grafts more accurately than the human hand.

#3 Thailand

If you’re willing to travel further afield for your procedure, then Thailand is a great choice of destination. 15,000 hair transplants are performed in Thailand each year and the country is a tourist hot-spot with visitors from the USA, Europe, the UAE, Canada and Australia.

Many of Thailand’s top hair surgeons train overseas and then return to the country to perform their procedures. Price-wise, the cost of a hair transplant in Thailand is similar to other European destinations, but it’s significantly cheaper than it is in the USA and the UK. In addition, Thailand also benefits from being a world-renowned resort, which means that you’ll be surrounded by luxury as you recover from your procedure.

#4 India

India is quickly gaining a reputation as a top destination for medical tourism, with over 200,000 people visiting the country each year for some form of medical treatment.

Many of these medical tourists visit India for cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants. It’s easy to see why, too. Hair transplants in India are around 80% cheaper than they are in some of the UK’s top clinics. Plus, many operators also include the cost of accommodation, travel and post-operative care, so there’s no need to be stressed about organising your trip.

#5 South Korea

South Korea is considered to be the world capital for plastic surgeries. This is because over 50,000 people visit the country annually for cosmetic procedures like hair transplants.

It’s more expensive to get a hair transplant in South Korea than it is in Turkey and India, but the procedure is still 2-3 times cheaper here than it is in the UK and the USA. Plus, the facilities are truly world-class.

#6 Mexico

Mexico is an incredibly popular destination for Americans looking for a hair transplant. This is because the country is just across the border from the USA and treatment prices are around 20% cheaper than they are in the United States.

Over 15,000 hair transplant procedures are performed in Mexico every single year and the country’s top surgeons specialise in both FUT and FUE procedures, meaning you have a choice of treatment options. As an added bonus, once you’ve had your aftercare appointment with your surgeon, Mexico is a great place to have a little holiday, too.

Visit any of these six countries and you’ll find that your hair transplant costs a fraction of the price that it would at a top clinic in London. Plus, all of the countries we’ve mentioned above are safe and perform treatments to the same standards as UK-based clinics. Although we think Turkey is the best place for your hair transplant, all the countries on this list are great options, so do your research and find which destination is the best choice for your procedure.


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