Sugaring: What Makes It So Popular?

Sugaring is a hair removal procedure that helps to get rid of unwanted regrowth using sugar paste in any part of the body. So, what is sugar wax? The skin on the treatment area is covered with a layer of sugar mixture. The sticky substance tightly envelopes the hair and then penetrates to the root. The hair is pulled out without leaving any dark traces after the paste is removed. This method is considered safe and ecologically friendly due to the use of natural ingredients. Sugaring helps to eradicate hair on any body part, from the face to the feet.

Depilation with Sugaring Paste

So, how does sugaring hair removal work? Firstly, performing the procedure at professional salons is highly advisable to ensure the desired result without any redness or irritation. So, let’s take a more detailed look at the hair removal methods you can choose at the salon: 

  1. Manual. This involves the use of the medium density paste. It is applied by hand and helps to get rid of hairs on the trickiest spots.
  2. The bandage technique. The soft paste is the most suitable type here. The beautician utilizes a spatula to place the substance and remove it with a cloth or paper strips. This depilation method allows you to remove fine and soft hair.
  3. Manual, with an application. Here, the therapist chooses the paste with the highest density. This way, the paste is plastic and allows for pulling out hair from the most delicate areas.

Perks of the Sugaring Method

In comparison with shaving and other depilation procedures, sugaring has a number of advantages, like:

  1. Safety. It does no harm to the skin during the procedure and, therefore, excludes the risk of infection.
  2. Absence of allergic reaction. Sugar paste from most manufacturers has a natural composition, so side effects seldom occur.
  3. Affordable price. Salon sugaring is budget-friendly. A professional beautician fulfills the procedure using top-quality products and techniques.
  4. Long-lasting result. It takes from three to four weeks for hairs to reappear.
  5. Suitable for any delicate places. Sugar paste can depilate any body area; you just have to apply the composition of the desired density.
  6. If you wonder if sugar waxing is less painful than other methods, the answer is yes. It is relatively easily tolerated.

Sugaring Paste for Professionals

The Sugaring Factory™ produces cosmetics with its customers in mind. Our goal is to engage professionals who will become our loyal clients over the long term. We offer wholesale purchases of sugaring kits for professionals who have a list of regular customers. We also provide a consumer helpline for “home” usage. However, this is not our primary product line, and it is quite difficult to please customers who do not have the right skills to use the product. The Sugaring Factory has also started a line of colored pastes. This novelty is already on sale. Check it out here.

Secret Ingredients and Specifications

What is sugaring hair removal paste? The substance itself uses only natural components. The basics of them are:

  •       Lemon juice;
  •       Water;
  •       Lots of sugar.

This composition makes the paste an ecological solution for eliminating superfluous hair. After the depilation, the substance does not require much time for removal due to its easy dissolution in warm water.

Professionals utilize different types of sugaring paste:

  1. Soft is for depilation of fluffy or fine hair on other body parts.
  2. Medium soft – for coarse hair.
  3. Hard – for the bikini and armpit areas.

Salon professionals advise clients to turn to experienced beauticians and to avoid performing sugaring at home. An improper technique may result in redness and irritated skin with many bumps.

Sugaring. The beautician takes the sugar paste from the jar with a spatula. Lying woman customer waiting for sugaring procedure in the beauty salon

How Long Does a Sugar Wax Last?

On average, depilation with sugar paste ensures the absence of unwanted hair for 3-4 weeks. In some cases, hair starts to appear after seven days. Sometimes, the smoothness even remains for five weeks or more. The lasting effect is based on some influential factors:

  1. Hair structure. Dark, stiff, and coarse hair usually grow back faster. Fine blond ones grow more slowly. The first kind usually occurs under the armpits and in the bikini area. The second is more common on the arms, legs, and face.
  2. Gender and ethnicity. As a rule, men have much thicker body hair than women, so it grows faster. This may also apply to people of different nationalities.  
  3. Season. In spring and summer, everyone’s hair grows faster because of the exposure to heat, sunlight, and an abundance of vitamins in the form of berries, fruits, and vegetables. In autumn and winter, sugaring results last a few days longer.
  4. Hair growth phase. Hairs have three life cycle stages, after which a new hair replaces them. If you remove them at the beginning of their growth, the effect will last longer because the new hair has not yet formed. If you catch a hair at the last phase, another one will take its place almost immediately.

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