When it comes to efficiency in hairdressing, nothing takes center stage quite like an effective barber shear. A good barber shear will not only improve your work efficiency but also help you create perfect cuts. It will transform those cuts of yours into well-crafted masterpieces. This is what will get you more clients. Plus, high quality services will retain more clients. Even more, a good barber shear won’t strain your arms and shoulders. So, why invest in a good barber shear? Well, if you own a barbershop and you want to take your game to the next level, purchase a high-quality barber shear. Here is all you need to know as far as good professional hairdressing scissors are concerned. This information will guide you in making the right decision when purchasing your scissors.


The Handle


Choosing the right handle for your shears is important. Remember, the type of handle you purchase will determine your hand position. This is where you derive your comfort and control. Here are common types of shear handles on the market:


Symmetric Handle/ Opposing Grip


With this option, you have the least ergonomic unit. It’s also important to note that this handle tends to force you to keep your elbow lifted for long. Thus, you might end up developing repetitive strain injuries (abbreviated as RSI).


Offset Handle


The offset handle is another common type of shear handle. This option will still make lift your elbow. However, it comes with a shorter thumb that plays a key role when it comes to reducing the stress on your thumb.


Crane Handle


Ergonomically, the crane handle offers better services. This is because this option comes with angles that face downwards when the blades are horizontal. Thus, you can move the hands away from the body—giving you extra freedom. This option is ideal for those looking to reduce stress on the involved body parts—including thumb, arm, as well as the shoulder.


Extended Crane/ Neutral Grip


This option comes with a much shorter thumb handle—which tends to be far away from its finger hole. Thus, your hand will be placed in an open position—giving your tendons an easy time.


Neutral Grip Featuring Swivel/Rotating Thumb


Considered to be one of the most sophisticated handle types, this option allows the barber to keep his/her elbow down. This also rotates the thumb hole—enabling the handler to move more comfortably. So, if you don’t want to be a victim of RIS or carpal tunnel syndrome, then this can be a cool option for you.


Handle Thumb Treatments


As your thumb is responsible for executing most of the heavy-duty work, thumb treatments are a very important feature to consider when shopping around for a pair of shears.




Your decision ill hugely be influenced by the shear blade. There are numerous options with varying qualities. Some of the most popular ones are:


Beveled Edge Blade


These are often less expensive. However, they’re fairly durable and much easier to sharpen. However, you won’t be able to utilize advanced haircutting techniques. Plus, the overall texture isn’t usually very smooth with beveled edge blades.


Convex Edged Blades


With convex edge blades, you can rest assured that you’ll get a sharp and reliable cut. But they’re quite costlier since they’re complex to manufacture and sharpen. Creating a finely-milled edge requires careful attention, that’s why it takes more time to design these shears.


Sword Blade


The center of this blade often feels stiffer and is the highest point of the device. It makes it easier to cut thicker hair sections but it isn’t that easy to use.


The length of the Blades


Most hairdressers will feel comfortable using a blade that’s between 5 and 6 inches long. For more precise cuts, it’s always advisable to use a shorter shear. Close-to-skin cuts, as well as bob-lines, require longer shears. If you’re attempting a slide cut, you may want to consider utilizing longer shears as they allow you to easily slide the blades into the customer’s hair without having to constantly move the hair using your hand.


Expert Recommendations


Another thing to consider when choosing your next pair of barber scissors is the warranty offered by the manufacture. Professional shears are relatively expensive. And sellers who keep their advertising promises won’t be afraid to offer a reasonable warranty. Plus, they’ll provide detailed information on product care as well as maintenance.


Don’t forget to check the tension of the shears. It’s often better to purchase an adjustable screw rather than one that requires a screwdriver. Make sure that you’re comfortable with each motion of the scissor. Too much action in your elbow and thumb can eventually contribute to RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. So, take time to find a scissor that supports a natural position for your hand.


Modern Haircutting Styles


Gone are the days when long hair was the order of the day. More and more people are now turning to short hairstyles. In fact, cutting hair has become the newest trend and modern hair experts have gone the extra mile to create unique cuts that can be life-changing for their customers.


If you want to preserve your youthful look, you need to get a stylish haircut as soon as possible. Here are some of the latest hair cutting trends and hair cutting techniques for hairstylists:


  • The Bob Cut– This is the biggest hair trend. Many girls are already sporting this style. Due to its stylishness and flexibility, this classic cut has become most people’s favorite. It looks perfect on curly, straight, as well as wavy hair.
  • Curls and Waves– To maintain this style, you need to get used to the idea of using different products like diffusers and air-drying equipment.
  • Fringes– Adding fringes to your hair is one of the simplest ways to create a new look. Just be sure to incorporate a few bangs into your existing hairstyle. This way, you’ll end up with an entirely new look.
  • Natural Hues– If you want something that looks more natural, then opt for this hairstyle. It’s elegant and stylish.


How Often Should Have a Haircut?


How often should you cut your hair? This will solely depend on your personal preference, but cutting them once in a while is important as it will prevent hair breakage and split ends.


The frequency at which you cut your hair depends on the type of hairstyle you’re wearing. For example, if you’ve bob with bangs, consider trimming them every three weeks so as to keep your style precise and polished. But for medium-long hair, it’s better to trim them once every three or four months.


Typically, you need to cut your hair when your style looks messed up or when you’re your hair is visibly damaged. Whenever you feel that you need a professional haircut, head straight to the salon and get recommendations from your hairdresser.


Hair Cutting Scissors: Understanding the Common Types


As a hairdresser, you need a complete set of tools in order to give your clients the desired look. And these include scissors or shears, mirrors, clippers, brushes, as well as combs. A pair of shears is the most important tool needed by a stylist. Purchasing the right type of haircutting scissors is extremely important. It ensures precision and protects the hair shafts against damage.


There are countless types of haircutting scissors to consider.  Each is unique to deliver different haircutting styles. Depending on your personal needs, you might want to consider utilizing any of the following hair cutting shears:


Thinning Scissors


Thinning scissors are similar to regular scissors. They’ve loops for the thumb plus the index finger and are also available for left-handed as well as right-handed hairstylists. However, the blades differ greatly- the top blade features widely-spaced teeth which remove a section of the hair without necessarily affecting the overall styling. Essentially, these scissors are commonly used on thicker parts of the hair.

Thinning scissors are typically categorized as:


    • Blending and texturizing shears– These thinning scissors provide optimal performance. They’re outfitted with 25 teeth and are extremely versatile. Plus, they’re perfect for use on all types of hair.
    • Chunking scissors– These shears are commonly utilized for removing chunks of hair as well as creating notches. They’re suitable for cutting both curly and thick hair. Chunk scissors feature about 7 to 15 teeth.
    • Finishing hair thinning scissors– They’re often used to remove fewer hair strands. As compared to the other types of thinning scissors, finishing scissors are equipped with more teeth. They offer exceptional blending and finishing to all hairstyles.


Razor Scissors




Typically, these are texturizing tools. The base features one loop for the index finger whereas the top features a single blade. However, these scissors don’t usually make actual cutting motions. You hold the hairs with one hand and use the razor shears to create the textured cuts.


Regular Scissors


If you want to create a basic haircut, then use regular scissors. They’re just similar to the ones you use at home, though the lengths differ. Essentially, the length of regular shears ranges between 4.5 and 6.5 inches. You can always choose the size and shape depending on your level of comfort and your preferred style.


Clippers are another common tool that hairstylists utilize for styling men’s hair. Electric clippers are perhaps the most efficient and easy to use. With the help of a clipper, you can effectively control the length of the hair. Choosing the right pair of scissors is extremely important, so take your time to find the perfect pair for your haircutting needs.


Scissor Handles


Haircutting scissors are available in numerous types and shapes. And each one of them has its own unique benefits. But the most important thing to consider is comfort. Your choice of scissor handle will also depend on the shape of your hand and the desired cutting style.


Scissor Material


The material of the shear determines its durability as well as longevity. Previously, scissors were made of stainless steel. However, the newer models are fabricated with a combination of steel plus other materials, like cobalt and molybdenum. This ensures greater strength and durability.


The handles are created with soft steel so that your fingers don’t get hurt. Scissors that are made from a combination of steel plus molybdenum often provide greater strength as well as flexibility. On the other hand, the ones featuring a combination of steel and cobalt tend to retain their sharpness for long.


Screws are Vital


Screws are responsible for holding the blades in place. Therefore, it’s important that you choose shears that can easily be adjusted. Most scissors are equipped with flat and normal screws that can make adjusting simpler, but you’ll still need to use a screwdriver. The latest trends are equipped with adjustable screws that feature a small knob that can easily be turned to adjust the tension. You also want to make sure that the screws are fabricated with tough materials since they undergo massive wear and tear due to constant use.




It’s always better to invest in hairdressing scissors that are easy to use and maintain. Aside from tightening or loosening screws, you also need to sharpen the blades regularly. But the frequency of sharpening the scissors depends on their use. Keeping them clean will prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust that could affect their sharpness. Oil your scissors regularly and store them in leather pouches.


To achieve professional-quality cuts, consider getting the scissors serviced by a professional every 3 to 6 months. Don’t let anyone sharpen your scissors- only trained and experienced personnel should sharpen them so as to avoid any inconvenient mistakes.


The Bottom-Line


Berber shears play a key role when it comes to the success of any hairdressing business establishment. That’s why it’s important to get it right with the barber shears you purchase. Good shears make your work easy, reduces the straining of the body, improves efficiency, and lead to more accurate cuts. The above are key features you should seriously consider before purchasing barber shears. Do your research. Compare your options. Pircahse the best hairdressing scissors such as Jaguar Scissors and achieve high-quality cuts. 


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