The use of laser technology systems in hair removal is rising exponentially, with more and more individuals embracing the convenience and use of this procedure. The increase of new market players with increasingly precise technology is set to see the market grow by 1.5billion in 2022.

The growing market has opened avenues for developing and distinct technologies that aim in providing the best possible care and quality to users all around the globe. However, what makes laser hair removal so popular?

Laser hair removal seeks to remove unwanted hair all over the body after a couple of sessions. The procedure can be done all over the body with considerations taken on the face, legs, arms, neck, chest, and back. You can learn more about laser hair removal here.

The laser machine seeks to target the melanin in the hair follicles and beams it up making the follicles absorb the light and shrink. This targeted approach results in more lasting hair removal which lasts considerably longer than normal hair removal techniques. Laser hair removal targets wider areas on the skin, cutting the turnaround time in half while providing the best possible results. The use of laser machines on all skin types is an added advantage, and the seamless painless transition makes this procedure a definite go-to for hair removal.

Laser hair removal prices

The prices for laser hair removal vary depending on location. In Canada, the process varies depending on the number of sessions to be done according to the individual, and the targeted area. For instance, the process for facial hair removal might differ from the prices for a complete back hair removal procedure due to the considerations between smaller and larger areas.

Most laser hair removal sessions take about fifteen to twenty minutes, and individuals are scheduled for around six to eight sessions. This affects the pricing as well. The amount of hair being removed generally affects the pricing too. For instance, some individuals may have large tracts of hair while others have thin patterns.

The location of the clinic can also influence the pricing of laser hair removal. Different clinics have different packages based on their location. The qualifications of the doctor may also ump up the price range. For instance, treatment conducted by a dermatologist may differ in pricing as compared to that done by a specialist.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure and therefore is not covered by most insurance companies. It is therefore advisable to consult with your doctor about the specific price ranges for each procedure before booking a treatment appointment. Most clinics offer structured payment plans to their clients to enable them to make adept payments without feeling overwhelmed. This greatly helps in planning and logistics before the procedure.

The average pricing of laser hair removal treatment in Canada costs around $150 to $450 depending on the above factors. This pricing takes into consideration the cost of yearly hair removal treatments an individual can have. Therefore, laser hair removal is a cheaper alternative compared to other hair removal techniques. Home hair removal techniques can also be employed, however; these come with considerably higher risks and require constant maintenance as compared to lasers.

Various clinics offer discounts on sessions for any minimum sessions booked. For instance, clients who book for five sessions can get one heavily discounted, while those who pay for six sessions can get another one free. All in all, clinics offer different premiums and incentives for their clients.

Full-face hair removal in Toronto may cost around $170 to $300, while a full back may cost between $200 to $450, and the chest between $180 to $300. Laser hair removal treatments can go up to $3000 depending on the treatment scope but offer exceptional results in the long run. Consequently, the end product justifies the cost of the procedure, making it a worthy investment.

The presence of discount pricing and monthly payment plans makes laser hair removal affordable due to the out of pocket costs. It is considerably inexpensive paying through the available plans without leaving a dent in your pocket.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Being FDA approved, laser hair removal boasts numerous benefits to the average user:

  • Precision

Laser hair removal specifically targets the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding area untouched. This precise look protects the surrounding skin from abrasion or irritation, consequently leading to a safer and cleaner alternative than traditional methods of hair removal.

  • Speed

The laser machine is structured to target a wide area and target several hair follicles at the same time. This enables the laser beam to treat several hair follicles in a fraction of a second. Small areas such as the lips only take minutes while large areas such as the back take about an hour for a complete treatment.

  • Comfort

The treatment is non-invasive thus offering comfort during the procedure. Some patients may experience slight redness due to the heat however this fades away after a few hours. The dermatologist will apply a topical cooling cream to counteract the redness and sensitivity.

  • Predictable

Laser hair removal is predictable and offers assurity to the client. Visible results are evident after two to three sessions and can last up to six months of minimal hair growth, depending on the individual. This offers value for money and the confidence one requires.

Additional information

It is best to research suitable dermatologists around your area to find the best ones available. When looking for doctor credentials, consider those registered and board-certified to be able to get the best possible results. Using a search tool can help you find a good dermatologist in your area.

Laser hair removal techniques can be permanent or semi-permanent depending on individual preference. The rate of hair growth will be significantly less with little to no growth over the years.

It is important to book a consultation before getting the procedure done. This will greatly assist in determining whether you are a likely candidate for the treatment based on medical history and skin type. Darker skins need careful considerations to avoid the likelihood of hyperpigmentation. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of the dermatologist to know the best way forward.

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