This fall’s nail trends are unique, creative, and bold. Our friends at SNS Nails, a nail product brand known for dip powder and gel polish, shared with us some creative ideas that they’ve seen in salons in the US.

Free-Hand Swirls

This nail design might be the most popular this fall, and you can already see these free-spirited swirls all over social media.These freehanded, abstract swirls are truly unique each time they are painted. They seem to be an evolution of the marbled nail trend that turned into more intentional lines with a nod to the ’70s psychedelic patterns.

Typically, there will be about three or four colors that overlap while swirling around the nail. A nude or light color makes for a great base color that allows the gorgeous colors to pop.

Green shades are also getting lots of love, like jade, emerald, and sage shades.

Exploring With Neutrals

Solid nude-colored manicures have been popular for a while now, but adding designs in nude and monochromatic shades on top of a nude color are making an appearance this fall.

This is an excellent way for fans of minimalism to get extra creative and add cute, subtle designs to their nails.

This trend isn’t limited to just adorable flowers. Nail art is making a huge comeback, so feel free to explore any shapes or patterns.


Flowery nails are almost always popular. This daisy has a vintage appeal.

This manicure set has daisies painted on a bubblegum pink background that compliments the flowers’ yellow center.

These nails also feature another trending nail design, the ultra-thin French manicure. This looks like a skinnier version of French tips on shorter nails, but on longer nails, the design travels down the nail.

Tropical Nails

Tropics and tiki culture are everywhere right now.

We have all been craving a tropical getaway this past year, so whether you are getting your prevacation manicure or just want a beachy nail design, tropical designs are the go-to trend.

Tropical nails show off the beauty of nature, with flowers and leafs dancing across your manicure.

You may also see more leafy and floral designs because of the house plant trend. While everyone was stuck at home, many people took up gardening as a hobby. As a result, you may be seeing a lot more Monstera and Birds of Paradise leaves on nails and on your neighbor’s window sills this year.

Clear Nail Designs

Ever thought you would leave the salon with a nail unpainted on purpose?

Even though this clear nail design trend leaves at least a portion of the clear acrylic nail unpainted, there is a design painted onto the nail that provides a stark contrast to the other colored nails you may have.

This dreamy cloud design is an excellent example of using your ring fingernail as the accent piece.

Multi-Colored French Tips

A play on the classic French tip manicure, this trend explores different color stories to create a fun modern manicure.

This example manicure has beautiful rainbow vibrant colors. Other takes on the trend are monochromatic, with different shades of one color going from light to dark across each nail.

Colored French manicures offer the same polished look that we all know and love, but with a fun twist of color to add a little more personality.

Goth/Alternative Nails

Gone are the days of manicured nails being only for the girly girls with hot pink nails. Instead, goth and alternative nails are trending, and rightfully so.

These edgy nail designs often feature flames, checkered patterns, moons and stars, and snakes, all in black, white, or red.

Another way to make a typical manicure edgier is to get a black French tip manicure or have a black ombre on stiletto-shaped nails.

Indie Nails

At the salon and can’t decide between your favorite trends to try out? Lucky for you, that is a trend in itself!

Having each nail different with quirky patterns or graphics is called indie nails. Popular nail ideas found in these manicures are smiley faces, checkered patterns, abstract lines and shapes, animal prints, rainbows, the evil eye, and flowers.

This trend of indie, hippie, quirky nails can be seen all over TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Feel free to experiment with each nail and express yourself; the more unique to your personality, the better!

Popular Nail Shapes

After spending so much time in quarantine, doing simple at-home manicures, salons are seeing clients wanting to use acrylic tips to extend the nail’s natural length. This gives the manicurist so much more room to create art and lets them perfectly shape the nails.

The most popular nail shapes are currently almond, stiletto, coffin, and tapered square.

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