How far would you go to look good?  It is a tough question for some people. There are those who will do anything to fit into a dress size smaller than they are and there are those who even pretend something is a great fit when it is obvious is it not.  Looking good on the inside and outside is something many people strive for and fashion, lifestyle and diet are all part of our identity today. But getting to the point where we feel great about each other does not have to be painful, physically, mentally or financially and yet many of us put ourselves through it.

Looking Physically Good

For some of us getting into shape is what makes us feel good. We think if we look good then we will it’s in. That debate is not being discussed here but pushing ourselves to the limit physically is what more and more people feel they have to do to look good. Aches and pains flood our muscles and the price of pain is seemingly worth it. Thankfully there are some amazing natural treatments to ease those aching muscles, such as Artrovex gel that for those over the age of 35 works wonders. Some of us need to lose weight for health reasons and others keep a good physique because we know we look good when we feel good and thus a few aches a pain is worth. Hopefully, we all reach a point where we are happy and pushing our bodies to extremes of pain is no longer needed to just look good.

The Emotions of Looking Good

If we don’t fit in or look good, we take the emotional strain, and this is painful. Again, just as with physical pain just to look good it doesn’t need to be something we suffer. We live in a world full of comparisons and once when we only had to keep up with the jones’s today, we have a whole host of people we try to keep up with. Many of us base our looking good on other people looking good. Sure, certain styles and clothes do look good but the clothes make the man but do they really?  Spending too much time worrying about whether we look good or not is painful. We all need to show up as we are and love ourselves and that is when we look our absolute best.

The cost of looking good

There are many people who spend the vast majority of their income on how they look. For many not having the money to buy the look they want is painful. But again, just like the physical and mental pain of trying to look good does there has to be financial pain too? The answer is no. There are many ways to look good and even create a look that looks fabulous that cost nothing or cost very little. The pain of looking good need not be there at all if we simply learn to be happy with ourselves, we don’t need to buy our look of feeling good because we naturally feel on top of the world.

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