The chances are that you don’t tend to give a lot of thought to your skin. Aside from slapping on a bit of moisturizer or sunscreen, we don’t tend to give a lot of consideration to the amazing nature of our own skin. There are some amazing and incredible facts about your skin that you should know. If you’ve never considered just how interesting your skin is, here are some amazing facts that might make you look at yourself and the people around you in a whole new way. Furthermore, you can also check city beauty for more beauty tips.


1. It’s the largest organ in the body

Not only does your skin make up around 16% of your body weight, but it also covers approximately 1.73 square meters!


2. Pressure Sensors

There are four main receptors in your skin, and they all respond to different types of pressure. From a light touch that is registered by the Meissner receptors to the vibration and pressure sensing Pacinian sensors, your skin is very susceptible to touch.


3. Vitamin C and Skincare

There are many supplements that can improve the look and feel of your skin, but Vitamin C is by far the best. When you look at the 6 Important Roles of Vitamin C, then skincare is right up there.


4: Body Temperature

Your skin helps a lot when it comes to keeping your body temperature regulated. Essentially, the skin is the body’s version of a thermostat. That’s why we sweat in the heat, and our skin gets tighter in the cold.


5. Melanin

This is the pigment that dictates the color of your skin. While everyone has the same number of cells to produce melanin, not everyone produces similar amounts. The more melanin your body produces, then the darker your skin!


6. Skin and regeneration

Did you know that your skin regenerates itself? Approximately every 28 days, you have an entirely new layer of skin, as your body naturally sheds dead skin cells every day. It even happens while you’re asleep!


7. Dust is literally skin

Dust gets everywhere, and while a lot of it is made up of dirt, sand, and insect waste, a large part of it is made up of dead skin cells. Remember that next time you’re vacuuming.


8. Your skin is someone’s home

There are millions of bacteria on your skin! Don’t panic; it doesn’t mean that you need an immediate bath. These bacteria are harmless, and your skin microbiota can even help your immune cells to fight microbes that can cause diseases.


9. Skin is a health indicator

If you have changes in your skin, then it could be a sign of a health issue. If you suddenly develop a rash or itching, then you might have a fungal skin infection or even an autoimmune disease. If your skin changes for any reason, then make sure that you get your skin doctor to have a look, try Cureskin App.”


Skincare is always important, especially in the peak of summer and winter. If you want to have healthier looking skin, then maybe it’s time that you started paying it a little more attention.


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