Summer can be a difficult time for our skin. If you are not careful, you will see your skin getting burns and acne. This is why you have to follow a proper skincare routine to ensure sweat, dirt, and UV rays can’t do you any damage. Here is a simple but necessary skincare routine everyone should follow in the summers. 

Sunscreen is a Must

The first and most important essential to deal with summer is sunscreen. You should not make the mistake of going out in the sun without it. Even if it’s a little exposure to light, it’s better to protect yourself. You should invest in a good Korean sunscreen and apply it to your skin every day before leaving the house. Remember, you will need to apply it again if you wash your face or hands. This will not only protect but also make your skin healthier. 

Keep the Skin Hydrated

You sweat a lot and the warm weather burns all the water in our bodies. This could cause dehydration and you can faint in severe cases. In addition to health, dehydration also destroys your skin. You should make sure that you and your skin are hydrated by drinking a lot of water, avoiding spicy foods, and using relevant skin products. Remember, just washing your face is not enough to hydrate your skin. 

Drinking a lot of water or even eating healthy food uncontrollably, is not enough either. You should learn about your body, and contact your nutritionist or someone you know who can help you set up a healthy drinking and eating agenda. You can also try oral supplements or IV therapies, again deciding on them with the specialists. Youtube or Google can help you find a good service provider or a specialist but they can’t help you to make a wise decision. For instance, you can search IV hydration in Tulsa, or any location that is convenient for you and read about what they offer. Or, you can contact a nutritionist who can help you choose the oral supplements taking into account your health condition and body type.

Use an Oil Control Facewash

Many people notice that their skin gets oilier in the summer. While that oil is necessary, too much of it gives birth to many other issues. It’s important that you control that oil by using a facewash specifically made for this job. A good facewash will not control that excessive oil but also clear all dirt particles and provide your skin with necessary nutrients. 

Some keep washing their face again and again, which can be bad for health. You should only wash once in the morning and then in the evening. You should do it the third time in the middle if you feel there is too much dirt on your face. 

You Still Need a Moisturizer

Some people think that they don’t need a moisturizer in the summer. The air is not as dry in the summer, but your skin still needs it. Make sure you still use a moisturizer once a day. Some lotions might make your skin temporarily darker and oily if you apply them in the daytime. Make sure you get best suited for your skin type. 

Wear Lighter Makeup

Makeup is not really a good thing to apply on the face. It might make you feel pretty, but it also comes with side effects. Your skin doesn’t get to breathe when it’s filled with makeup. Instead of makeup, your focus should be on improving the skin below it. 

Exfoliate Once a Week

Our skin pores are usually wider in the summer as we keep sweating. Dirt is more likely to get stuck in pores when they are open. Those dirt particles are not easily removed from the skin. You have to exfoliate at least once a week to get them out. 

Leaving them could cause acne and make your skin oilier. You can get better cleaning if you use the right product. Make sure you find a top anti aging exfoliator scrub that is made for your skin type. You have to be careful if your skin is sensitive.

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