Around the world, students are turning to increasingly dangerous techniques they believe will improve their focus and better their grades – especially through the use of prescription drugs meant to be used by individuals with attention deficit disorders (ADD). It can be easy to fall into bad and even dangerous habits as a student under pressure to succeed.

Studies have shown that colleges in the United States are constantly facing this problem; that as many as 33% of college students have, at some point, abused a “study drug” to get ahead, and that over 50% of college students who have been diagnosed with ADD have been approached by students who want to buy their medication from them.

But taking drugs that have not been prescribed to you is dangerous, and there are other, safer ways to boost your focus to up your grades – including one very interesting offer from a new tech company with a unique solution.

Safe Solutions Backed by Science

These methods are backed by science and will help you to feel better in any situation. Give them a try!

  • eSmartr smart compression sleeves are an incredible new tech product that delivers a safe and natural method for lowering your stress and anxiety levels, while also improving your focus, and all you have to do is wear an arm sleeve. Their Cognitive Boost Technology pattern embedded inside the sleeve is firmly placed up against your skin and naturally activates a specific sequence of neural receptors in the forearm. This generates and sends a series of signals to the brain that leads to reduced stress and better focus. You can learn more about how this touch-based technology safely improves your cognition here.

  • A good night’s sleep is something many reach for but have trouble managing. But the difference a full eight hours of rest makes is undeniable. Your cognitive function is always at its best when your brain has been allowed to properly rest for the night, and this is something you can do easily and reliably for free.

  • Exercise, meditate, and eat healthy! Or, to put it another way, make some time every day to take care of your body. A bit of fruit, a few moments for mindful breathing, a quick walk around the area can do wonders for your brain, get your blood flowing, and offer a much-needed break from stressful studies.

It can be so tempting to take shortcuts. School is stressful and grades are, frankly, scary. But if you take care of your brain, it’s going to take care of you! With a healthy body and engaged mind, you should find it a lot easier to balance everything demanded of you as you progress through your formal education.

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