Over 38% of Australia’s total population is aged 40 and above. NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide, also known as niacinamide or nicotinic acid. It is a supplement that has been getting a lot of hype in the anti-aging community, which also is one of two types of vitamin B3.

Although this is not the same thing as niacin (vitamin B3, nicotinic acid), NMN appears to boost the formation of niacin in the body. You can search using the phrase “where can I get NMN supps in Australia?” for information on Australia’s top NMN brands.

Why Invest in NMN Supplements?

The main benefits of NMN are that it has been shown to mimic some of the effects NAD+-related of calorie restriction on health and longevity, specifically by activating SIRT1 gene expression, which is likely responsible for its anti-aging effects.

Studies also show that NMN can reduce age-related mitochondrial dysfunction and improve the lifespan of mice. It also appears to reverse specific adverse health effects in mice whose DNA was prematurely aged (by exposure to radiation).

NMN supplements are amongst the few compounds we know of that can significantly benefit organisms as complex as mice. So, there is great potential for this compound to produce similar benefits in humans.

Is NMN the Same as Vitamin B3?

NMN is not the same as Vitamin B3; instead, it is one of two types of Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3). However, NMN supplements appear to cause some of the effects that niacin does. For example, like niacin, NMN provides energy for specific cells in the body by supporting fat-burning through the breakdown of fat reserves.

The other form of Vitamin B3 is NAM (nicotinamide). Although niacin and nicotinamide are often referred to as being interchangeable, there are some essential differences between the two. NAM does not affect cellular energy production or fat metabolism; it can still be valuable as a vitamin, as it is needed to synthesise co-enzymes and DNA.

How Fast Does NMN Work?

NMN works very quickly. It was shown to improve health and extend the lifespan of mice within 30 minutes after administration (in the case of the study, this was as an injection).

Does NMN Cause Weight Gain?

Some types of niacin can cause a temporary increase in weight. This is because any excess energy that is not needed for all the various cellular processes is converted to fat, which gets stored inside your cells.

Stats show that over 68% of Australians are obese. NMN supplements in Australia are shown to have very different effects on weight. It reduces weight, probably because it supports fatty acid breakdown within cells (fat burning). This effect has been demonstrated experimentally using mice.

Does NMN Reverse Aging?

NMN supplements are believed to be able to produce some of the same anti-aging effects as calorie restriction. A great deal of NMN research evidence supports this hypothesis. However, you may note that no long-term studies have been done on humans yet. All studies on NMN have been performed in mice.

Where to Get the Best NMN Supps in Australia?

You can purchase NMN supplements over the counter or order them online in Australia. It is recommended you buy NMN supplements directly from the manufacturer’s website and not from third-party websites.

Patients do not need doctor’s prescriptions to buy NMN supplements in Australia. However, NMN brands and brand ambassadors believe it’s best to consult your doctor before you start taking supplements. Also, alert your doctor of any medications you are on or allergies you are prone to.

How Much NMN Should I Take Daily?

The dosage of NMN supplements varies based on several conditions. Doctors recommend consuming up to 500 mg of NMN per day. You can consume these supplements orally as powders or tablets.

Search for “where can I get the best NMN supps in Australia” and visit NMN brand websites. The websites may contain detailed product information, the correct dosage, and other details. Experts assert it is best to consume NMN supplements at least six hours after you wake up.

Read up on scientific studies on NMN supplements in Australia before investing in NMN supplements. You could also chat with the NMN brand’s customer support before making any purchase.

Ensure that the brand you buy from has the necessary certifications and approvals. NMN does not fall under the category of “TG” in Australia. However, you can check for external lab certifications.

Final Thought

Over one million Australians suffer from heart conditions. Regular consumption of NMN supplements can help minimise the impact of CVD. Higher NAD+ levels can also improve your overall energy levels and stamina.

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