Getting too much sun exposure can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Not only does it cause premature aging but also skin cancer. This is why it’s so important to protect yourself from the sun so these effects can be prevented.

There are many ways you can expose yourself to sun damage that you’re not aware of. We’d like to give you some tips to help keep you safe from UV rays. In today’s article, we’ll be going through different ways for you to protect yourself and your family from the sun by using items such as double roller blinds, using sunscreen and covering your skin.

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Always Wear Sunscreen

You’re always told to wear sunscreen but it’s important that you take this bit of information seriously especially if you have sensitive skin. You should be wearing sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun even if it’s cloudy outside. With that being said, you should also make sure you’re wearing sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Sunscreen with a high SPF is vital when it comes to protecting your skin from sun damage and skin cancer caused by harmful UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied to your face but also the rest of your body where your skin is exposed to the sun. Sunscreen should be applied evenly and not sparingly to get the right coverage.

When you’re applying sunscreen, also make sure you apply it to your ears and neck area as many people forget about those areas when outside.

Wearing sunscreen will ensure that you also don’t suffer from sunburn which can be extremely painful. It will also prevent you from getting sunstroke Rather avoid the risk and damage by making sure you have sunscreen on at all times.

Cover Up Exposed Skin

Sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin but it’s not the only way. If wearing sunscreen sounds like a hassle, cover up your exposed skin as much as possible. This way the sun can’t affect your skin at all.

You can get SPF protective clothes that can help maximise your protection. If you didn’t know that, next time you’re looking at clothes, you can check the label. This can be a way for you to protect your skin in extreme heatwaves. This type of clothing will help if you have pale skin and are more prone to sunburn.

Of course, sunscreen will be easier, especially when it’s hot but you may not like the idea of wearing sunscreen all the time. However, it should be advised that sunscreen should still be worn where the skin is exposed. Don’t risk sun damage by not wearing sunscreen when you should.

Don’t Sit in the Sun for too Long

We all love sitting outside when the sun is out. The sun is warm which helps to keep you relaxed and you’ll also be getting a dose of vitamin D. However, you must protect your skin by wearing protective clothing or sunscreen.

It should be noted that if you have a porch, blinds or curtains should be put up as the reflection from the window intensifies the damaging rays from the sun. You can invest in double roller blinds to ensure that no sun can get into a room.

As mentioned though, vitamin D does come from the sun but you can still get vitamin D from your food. By eating, salmon, egg yolks and canned tuna, you can still get vitamin D into your diet without too much sun exposure.

Wear a Cap or Sunglasses

The skin on your scalp can also get sunburnt when you’re in the sun for long periods. This is why you should wear a cap or a hat when you’re outdoors. The added benefit of wearing a cap when you’re outdoors, is that you will be adding extra protection to your face.

The sun can cause fine lines and wrinkles, especially if you find yourself squinting in the light constantly. To avoid this also wear sunglasses as you’ll be protecting your eyes from the sun as well as the skin around your eyes.

You can also apply some sunscreen to your hair parting if you don’t want to wear your cap or hat the entire time you’re outside.

Final Thoughts

We all know that we need to protect ourselves from the sun, but we can often forget just how important it is. There are many ways for you to protect yourself and your family from sun damage and it’s vital that you teach your children to take care of their skin too.

Sunburn and heatstroke can cause serious illnesses so when you’re out and about, make sure you protect your skin from the sun. Or if you’re sitting inside make sure you have double roller blinds to block the sun out.

We hope this article provided some valuable information about protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays. Use the tips given to prevent getting sunburnt or heatstroke.

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