It is absolutely vital that we are happy in life. Our happiness (or lack thereof) directly affects everything and everyone around us. Being happy makes us both physically and mentally healthy, and of course, being unhappy has the opposite effect. Plus, our relationships benefit from our happiness; we can lift others up rather than pull them down. And, as an additional positive, being happy even makes us more productive at work. So, how can we ensure our lives are happy ones? Here are some ways to do it.


Exercise More


Whether you like to exercise or not, being told that you need to exercise more in order to make your life happier is perhaps an unusual idea. Yet it really does work. Firstly, exercise helps us to be physically healthier; we can lose weight and get fitter and stronger; thus, we are more easily able to fight off infections and other diseases and conditions. However, there is more to exercise than this.


Exercise also helps us to feel and think more positively as well. It reduces the amount of stress we are feeling. This is because we are no longer thinking about whatever it was that made us miserable or stressed; we are concentrating instead on our exercising. As well as this, exercising releases additional serotonin into the body (the happy hormone), which fights against the cortisol (the stress hormone), reducing the amount. We feel happier because of this.


Have Some Me Time


It could be that you absolutely love being surrounded by people all the time. You love talking to them, listening to them, just being near them. Alternatively, you might be more of a loner who prefers their own company. No matter which camp you happen to fall into, or even if you switch between the two, taking some time out for yourself is crucial. Known as ‘me time,’ this can be the exact thing we need to re-set our thinking and to relax a little more.


You can do anything you want. You could choose to read a book, have a massage, go for a walk, browse vape juice brands, crochet, watch Netflix or YouTube, write a story, listen to music, nap…the list goes on. Simply taking some time out of your everyday life to refocus and breathe will make you much happier.


Unplug From Technology


Technology is great, and we have a lot to thank it for. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to apply for jobs quickly and easily, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with people from all over the world, and we wouldn’t be able to have as many opportunities available to us today.


Unfortunately, some aspects of technology are not so positive; social media can often have a downside, causing people to feel bad about themselves or inadequate in some way. Also, being contactable 24/7 can be stressful, especially when it is work contacting you.


In order to truly be happy, you need to completely unplug. This can be a hard thing to do and may not be possible on a long term basis for some since they rely on their technology for work, but even on a short term basis, it will make you a happier person.


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