In a world where electronic devices are becoming increasingly relevant, Amazon’s Alexa has grown in popularity as well. Therefore, more and more Alexa skills are being created, and this tool is becoming increasingly helpful for everyone. This, of course, includes aiding those in addiction treatment and recovery with various things from meditating to signing up for an AA meeting. Here are 10 useful Alexa skills for addiction recovery. 



Meditation is a very useful tool for managing stress and anxiety, which is why it is a great practice during addiction recovery. Headspace is a skill that provides some helpful tips on how to meditate properly and practice mindfulness in your daily life. It even has a sleep exercise to help you get a good night’s rest. 


Sober Now 

This is a motivational app that helps to keep you going during addiction treatment and recovery. It provides helpful things like motivational quotes, relevant statistics, interesting podcast episodes, and useful self care tips. This app is great for those who are relatively new to sober living. “We really wanted to create a daily companion that would provide its users with useful information to help them in their recovery”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.


Sleep Sound Apps 

Insomnia is a very common withdrawal symptom during an Austin drug detox. Although this withdrawal symptom is very uncomfortable and can seem very difficult to overcome, sometimes something as simple as a sleep sound app can really help to reduce this problem. Using these apps along with meditating and a night time routine often provides the best results. 


Sobriety Birthday 

This is a very simple Alexa skill that provides a countdown to your sober birthday. This is a great way to track your progress. It can also be an amazing motivator because you can see exactly how far you’ve come in your addiction recovery. Tracking your milestones gives you something to celebrate as well!


Make me Smile

Having days that you feel discouraged and down during addiction recovery is a very unfortunate, but normal, reality. In addition to this, depression can also be a common withdrawal symptom. This Make Me Smile Alexa skill provides motivational and hopeful pick me ups to help make you feel better. 


Emotionally Sober Mind 

After going through alcohol or drug rehab in Austin, experiencing difficult emotions without the use of these substances can be a big challenge. This Alexa app helps recovering addicts to learn how to do this. However, it is best used along with therapy that has been recommended by a professional. 


Talk me Down 

Addiction triggers and cravings can be very powerful, especially if you have just come out of a rehab program. Although members of your support system are usually available to talk you down during these events, they may not always be readily available. This app is perfect for those moments. It helps to talk you down when you are thinking about having a relapse. However, it is important to note that nothing is better for talking you down than an actual person. If you feel that you require immediate attention you should contact either an addiction professional or a trusted member of your support system. 


My Mindful Journal 

Journaling is an excellent skill to practice during addiction treatment and recovery because it helps you to make healthy reflections and understand your thoughts and emotions. My mindful journal is an app that helps you get started by asking you questions or providing you prompts to write about. After a while, as you get better at journaling, you might not even need this Alexa skill anymore. 


Alcoholics Anonymous 

There are two helpful Alexa skills that are related to Alcoholics Anonymous. Their man app helps recovering alcoholics to find a local AA meeting. It also sends reminders for when these meetings take place and reward users with virtual sobriety chips. The next AA app out there is Recovery Speakers from Alcoholics Anonymous. This app allows you to hear motivating stories from recovering alcoholics in the comfort of your own home. 


Yoga Music 

Like meditation, yoga is a very helpful tool for managing stress and anxiety during addiction treatment and recovery. It also provides an outlet for meditation, breathing exercises, and practicing mindfulness. It can be a great exercise to add onto your routine as well. This app plays yoga music to help you get in the zone. 



The above Alexa skills can provide great tools for a successful addiction recovery. Various apps provide tips for things like meditation, journaling, and self care. In addition to this, there are apps out there that give you helpful sleep sounds, yoga music, and an outlet for you to find a relevant support group meeting. Many apps are simply created to be motivational for recovering addicts as well. Although these apps can be very helpful during addiction treatment and recovery, nothing beats receiving help from an actual human being. If you feel as if you need help you should always contact either an addiction professional, medical professional, or a trusted member of your support system. Doing this will give you the best immediate care possible. 


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