Where there is ganj, munchies will follow. Kandy Care’s Medical Cannabis Cotton Candy combines the entire experience. This is a video of Youtubers who go by the name of The Bud Master and Bud Jesus. Before they even partake in the Cannabis Cotton Candy, they already seem like they have… partaken in something. I’m gonna guess marijuana! One problem with mixing MJ with sweets is: how will you know if you’re experiencing a sugar rush or if the herb’s finally kickin’ in? You may never know! Jk, you will totally know. Trust me. One time I got so high I couldn’t even play video games. Yeah, it was bad. I almost called my mom! But instead I tried to order a pizza delivery from a Chinese restaurant. I got blacklisted!

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  1. Name

    I am a total cotton candy freak ………… This is a genius product.

  2. Eric Willard

    I don’t smoke. Never have but now that I’m in a job that I could use this, I might have to look into it. They repeat themselves a lot so they may have eaten/smoked far too much already. They should have someone that has never experienced THC try it and review it.

  3. chris hart

    Where can I buy these products I live in New Brunswick Canada ? And where are these available ?