Some weight loss methods really stink. Diet and exercise? P. U.! But then again there may not be any weight loss methods that stink more than this one. Stink Yourself Slim is a spray that smells like a skunk and it’s supposed to help you lose weight by making you completely lose your appetite. The creator Alex Fontaine came up with the idea when she was at an outdoor party that was crashed by a skunk who ruined the buffet. She then proceeded to hang out with skunks and dye her hair so she looked more like a skunk in order to market her stinky weight loss spray. I would have criticized this product, but honestly I can’t say a bad thing about someone with that kind of dedication to their ideas—no matter how much they stink.

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Via: Food Beast


  1. Laney

    Has anyone told this woman that it’s called anorexia?

  2. Deborah Brett

    So then you’re over weight, and you stink. This is one of the dumbest weightloss ideas I’ve ever heard.
    If you are that desperate, get rid of all the food in your house; have nothing in your fridge except raw fruit and veg, and slimfast meal replacement shakes.
    No food = no snacking. Spend an hour at the gym every evening on the way home from work, and don’t carry cash or credit/debit cards unless you’re on a planned shopping trip.