As fun as alcohol can be, it’s not really for everyone, and it’s definitely not suitable at all times. There are many reasons why some people prefer to stay sober and stay away from alcoholic drinks. One of these reasons is the horrible hangover after a fun night of drinking. Another reason is that someone has to be responsible enough to drive everyone else home safely. One of the most critical reasons is that for some people, alcohol can become addictive and they completely lose control. 

For those who are looking for a fun drink or would like to stay away from drinking alcohol, here’s some great news! You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. All you need is a delicious drink that helps you enjoy yourself without having to take risks. To help you out, we bring you this guide to tell you about some popular non-alcoholic spirits that you may want to try. You will definitely find at least one or two things that you’ll love, so read on and pick your favorite.

Carbonated Water and Fruit Mixes

If you’re in the mood for a summer drink, your best choices are the different mixtures of carbonated water and fruit juices. You will find tons of ways to make similar cocktails of fruits and carbonated water. They’ll give you the fuzzy effect of drinking something with alcohol minus the bitter taste that everyone tries to cover up in cocktails by mixing different fruits and juices that have a strong enough taste to do the job.

Mixing Spices and Botanics

Drinks like these don’t just taste amazing, but they also have a great effect on your health and mood. It is well known that certain herbs and spices can have relaxing, nerve-calming effects, while some can have a positive effect on your mood and make you feel a bit more uplifted. One of the places that are incredibly rich in the finest, most amazing plants is Pentire farms in North Cornwall. Because it is located along the coastline, it has a warm and humid climate that makes it the perfect place to grow certain plants. This is where you can find delicious, non-alcoholic Pentire drinks that are also quite healthy for you. The flowers and different plants used there to make drink mixes can have therapeutic effects on your overall mood and nerves, without harmful additives and sugar.

Famous Alcoholic Spirits Minus Alcohol

If you love the taste of some timeless and well-known cocktails and drinks but need to stay away from alcohol for whatever reason, here’s some great news; you can have whiskey, gin, tequila, and beer without alcohol! What many people may miss most is the taste of their favorite drinks they enjoyed while partying or hanging out and having a great time over the weekend. Having these popular drinks available without alcohol is an amazing way to help them feel that they’re not missing out on anything they love, plus spare them the negative effects that come with drinking.

Even though the effect of alcohol is one of the main reasons people get certain drinks, their alternatives are still great and highly enjoyable. They are also the perfect solution to stay sober or to have a good time without worrying about the consequences of being drunk. It is also a cool way for people who never drink to check out what everyone’s talking about.

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