If there’s one smell I love, it’s cookies in the oven. If there are two smells I love, it’s cookies in the oven and gasoline. If there are three smells I love, it’s cookies in the oven, gasoline, and alcohol. Especially on a man. When a man reeks of booze it usually indicates he’s the right amount of disoriented and desperate to come home with me, despite his friends waving their arms dramatically, mouthing “DON’T DO IT BRO” from across the bar. Usually I’m all “soap-schmoap, who gives a dang about that stuff anyway!” but for Brooklyn Brewery’s Beer Soap I’m definitely gonna make an exception. Sudsing up in the shower with soap made out of beer?! Dreams really do come true! Only problem is, I just know I will find myself in a situation where I have to explain my scent. “No, officer, I haven’t been drinkling. I just reek of alcohol because of the soap I use!” Which brings me to my next question: how many do I have to eat to catch a buzz?

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