Argentina is one of the most chosen destinations in South America. In fact, this southern country receives around 7 million visitors per year and is only headed by México on the ranking of the most visited nations of the region.

There are many explanations as to why Argentina is that popular among tourists from around the globe. Its breathtaking landscapes, such as Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia or Iguazú Falls in Misiones, among other fascinating natural wonders, are without a doubt enough reason to travel to Argentina.

Also, Buenos Aires has so much to offer for those passionate about arts, architecture, sports, literature, cinematography, and culinary delights. Known as “the Paris of Latin America”, Buenos Aires is so much worth visiting. Since it’s a pretty affordable destination, many travelers stay for an extended period and fully grasp the local culture and language.

Language tourism is a growing trend in the city, where many choose to make the most of their vacations by improving their language skills through a Spanish course in Buenos Aires.  By searching online, you will find Spanish school in Buenos Aires that offer personalized programs for travelers who are willing to learn more while visiting the city and getting involved with locals.

Another massive highlight of Buenos Aires is undoubtedly its delicious cuisine. It comes as no surprise since Argentina is the Mecca of meat, and the “asado” is Argentina’s national dish. Even though there are many delectable meals and beverages among the local offer, “asado” is for sure the best dish you can try in the country.

What is precisely asado?

Even though we can translate “asado” as barbecue, it’s a very different experience. In terms of food, “asado” consists of chorizo and morcilla topped with bread as a starter and beef, pork, and chicken accompanied with red wine and salads as the main dishes.

The meat is cooked on a “parrilla”, a unique grill with an open fire. The cooker is known as “parrillero” and is the only one authorized to touch the meat during the cooking process.

Aside from that, asado is a whole social event where many people gather and eat for several hours. The guests remain seated around the table doing “sobremesa”, which means chatting after eating.

The cooking process and the quality of the meat and its cuts provide a unique taste to this meat that anyone visiting the country should try.

Where to eat asado in Buenos Aires?

Even though you can probably eat a decently cooked asado at almost every restaurant in the city, if you are looking for the best “parrillas,” you should read the ranking below.

1.    La Cabrera

Located in the fancy neighborhood of Palermo, La Cabrera was among the 50 Best Restaurants of Latam for three years in a row. Its best dishes are the cuts from Argentine Angus and beef called “ojo de bife”. The service is excellent, and portions are so significant that two diners can easily share a single dish. Its best dishes are the cuts from Argentine Angus and beef called “ojo de bife”.

2.    Parrilla Don Julio

Named one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, la Parrilla Don Julio is an excellent choice if you are looking for a lunch or a dinner outdoors in an upmarket Palermo’ street.

It’s not exactly cheap, but their dishes are worth it. The sausages, offal, and meat are a must in Don Julio’s place, along with the goat cheese named “provoleta”, the rump steak, and the “churrasquito”, a pork beef. As a dessert, don’t miss the “suspiro porteño” brownie with caramelized walnuts, meringue, hazelnuts, and dulce de leche.

3.    El Pobre Luis

Located in the neighborhood of Belgrano, El Pobre Luis has a relaxed atmosphere, often associated with soccer culture, and a mid-range prices menu. The highlights of this parrilla are heart gizzards, pamplonas, and liver on the cloth.

4.    Lo de Jesús

Popular among locals for the quality of the chorizo and the stake called “ojo de bife”, Lo de Jesús also offers grilled vegetables and creamed spinach for vegetarians who would like to try a taste of the parrilla cooking method. Matambrito and milanesas are also popular dishes in this venue, and the prices are pretty affordable.

Argentina barbecue asado chorizo sausages and meat cooking on parilla grill

5.    La Colorada

Located in the posh neighborhood of Las Cañitas, La Colorada is famous for its 800 grams of steak and loin dish accompanied with effing and French fries, pumpkin puree, salad, provolone, and chimichurri, a local spicy sauce.

6.    Cabañas Las Lilas

A classy atmosphere in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero is one of the main characteristics of this venue. From its lounges and terrace, you can see the river and the beautiful streets of one of the most expensive districts in the city.

The stake “ojo de bife” is the best dish of the venue but also strip roast, “vacío” and “matambrito” are great options. You can try the “dulce de leche” pancake with cream and ice cream for dessert, which are unbelievable.

Despite this is not an affordable restaurant, it’s worth it since the quality of the service and the meals are far beyond expectations.

7.    El Ferroviario

Located in the popular neighborhood of Liniers, El Ferroviario is famous for its generous portions and affordable prices. The best dish is called “asado ancho, ” a wide roast. “Vacío” y entrails are also worth trying, accompanied by “provoleta”.

El Ferroviario also offers vegan barbecue, which consists of grilled vegetables that are pretty tasty. Our advice is that if you are willing to try this dish, you should order in advance because it can take longer for the vegetables to cook in a parrilla. The waiting time can be annoying, especially when everyone is already eating.

To conclude, Buenos Aires is packed with parrillas in which you can get a taste of the national dish and grasp something about the local tradition of gathering to eat “asado”. Any of the venues named will for sure provide an unforgettable experience, so don’t doubt to book a place at them and enjoy the best meat in the world!

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