Now that we have passed the official End-of-Summer holiday, Labor Day, this means only one thing: Christmas is right around the corner! While it may be hard to believe, there are only about three months left before the Christmas season. So that means starting to plan your shopping lists and your decorations; after all, the happiest time of the year calls for us to go all out on Christmas lighting and decorations. Here are five outdoor Christmas decorating ideas that will wow the socks off of your holiday guests and neighbors.

1. Break up your front yard into zones.

Take full advantage of your front yard by delegating different decorating zones that will have their own holiday-centric feature. Try the rule of threes; diving your yard into the left side (or whatever side is opposite your driveway), the middle of the yard, and the driveway/front walk. Choosing to decorate these areas separately will add a whole new level of awe to your area, as it will keep your creativity blossoming while giving you even more outdoor space to work with when it comes to bringing your ideas to life.

2. Go crazy with the wreaths.

Wreaths aren’t meant for only the front door. These beautiful garlands can be used wherever you can find room to fit them. Our favorite is putting them on windows for a quaint Bavarian town-like feel. What’s even easier is that wreaths can be completely customizable and can be easily made at home. All you need is some boughs of evergreen branches, ribbon, and decorative items such as dried fruits, ornaments, ribbons, and candy canes. Feel free to even have a wreath-making party with your family and you can proudly display the fruits of your labor all over.

On the other hand, if you want something extra special, you may consider using personalised Christmas decorations and ornaments for your wreath. For example, you can add your name, your family’s name, or even family photos to your Christmas wreath. That way, you can provide a personal touch to your decoration, which can also be a great keepsake for you and your loved ones.

3. Deck out the front porch.

The porch is usually the first thing people see of a home, making it the best place to create a great first impression. Take full advantage of the porch and deck it out for the Christmas season! Any decor ideas you have for inside the home can be easily translated to being outdoor-friendly. If you want to cozy up your outdoor furniture, throw a few throw rugs in festive prints on them, add a cute doormat, hang ornaments, and garland on the slats of your fence or wooden spires, or even put up a Christmas tree! Place the tree in a heavy basket so it won’t blow away during a windstorm, and you’ll be good to go.

What’s better is that there are plenty of landscape designers available to help emphasize your front porch to the best of its ability. The Denver landscape designers and professionals at Lifescape Colorado are able to help residential clients design a front yard that really puts your porch front and center; using mulch, bushes, and designscapes to bring your vision to life.

4. Spruce up the mailbox.

Why not make your postman or postwoman smile by making your mailbox festive for the holiday season? Consider adding giant candy cane or snowman shapes out of plywood to highlight the box, or even make it into its own little sled! Or, you can even make the inside of the mailbox look like the inside of a snowglobe, which will make anyone smile when they go grab the daily mail.

5. Create Candy Cane Lane in your driveway.

Christmas Decorating

Ginger bread cottage in a candy cane forest with a blue sunset

Nothing says statement than putting larger and life candy cane cutouts lining your driveway. Connect them on both sides with some lights that create an archway, and all your holiday guests will have a great welcome when they come over for Christmas festivities.

With these Christmas decor ideas plus more at Polar X Ornaments, your house will surely be the best and brightest on the block.


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