“When the clock strikes 3, don’t whisper, for it can hear you,! Hush…. Hush…. Hush….!”

If you speak, it might come straight in front of your window panes and tap it like a boogieman! Tap Tap… tap tap….. tap.. tap tap… and the moment you open the window, you might get hysteric to see such scary horrific face in front of you!

“Holy Christ!!! For Christ’s sake, don’t get scared!”, You see the Halloween season is on, and it’s time to be little rogue and naughty.

‘What, did he/she turn lill’e dirty in school, kicked you in the rugby match, yet didn’t get a foul for that and sweet lille devil won the match, ok we’ll get him later!

Some guy/girl played some nasty pranks with you in the school; did that embarrass you in front of your crush?!

Never mind dude, you have the most cool, unique looking electronic tapping peeper with you, what you need to do is place the stuff outside his/her window pane, so that it taps the window panes, until your target approaches, and when he removes the curtain of the window, you do know what’s going to happen next! Don’t’ you dude!? That’s a fair payback!

Available in different varieties, these unique looking interesting scary peepers are motion activated figures, which suits perfect as Halloween gift for anyone whoever you want to scare the hell out of him or her. This electronic motion activation sensory creepy stuffs are perfect for lighten up your GF/ BFF who had been cold shouldering you from a long time.

Put one of these real cool stuffs in front of your neighbor’s window who had been feeling blue from a long time just to lighten up the situation. These real life looking funny motion activated stuffs are easy to install in the windows, and they tap after every 10 seconds. They are small to wrap in a box and keep it outside anybody’s some so that they can just open it to give a scream as if the hell has unleashed out right in his home!

‘Scary right?!….  ;)

“Time to order a boogie-man faced creepy cool funny party stuffs like this today itself before the stock gets over to get someone scared the hell out in this Halloween!”

Hurry, limited stock!

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