“Everything is so beautiful and lovely and… alive!” This is a video of a 1950s housewife dropping acid for an experiment by  Dr. Sidney Cohen. It is pretty amazing, a little intense, but over all she makes tripping balls seem like a breeze. From my experience what I’ve heard (ahem!), it’s usually a bunch of wigging out, having a pep talk in the mirror (“COOL, JUST BE COOL!”), laying on the ground because that seems like the most logical thing to do at the time, hoping the room doesn’t shrink so small that it crushes your body into a tiny cube, debating whether to call your mom because you might die tonight, and oh my god, is that the Pink Panther? What the hell is he doing here?

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Via: Jezebel


  1. Kent O'saur

    OMG. I want some.

  2. I wonder why

    let’s share a glass! bottoms up! hahahaa

  3. jaajaa15

    that was awesome!