Planning a wedding is stressful business. Trust me, I would know. Wait — no. No I wouldn’t. Always a bridesmaid never a bride! But people are always saying that so I believe them. Fortunately for Carly the work was done for her by her mom and fiancé! The day after she returned from a trip abroad, her boo Adam revealed a prettyyyy big secret: they were getting married TODAY. Every detail had already been planned out, all Carly had to do was show up. And the surprises don’t stop there! The guests weren’t informed that they were going to be attending a wedding either. Which explains the sweatpants and Crocs. Just kidding, everyone was dressed appropriately. But personally, I would have liked a heads up. That way I would’ve known to wear my NICE sweat pants. You know, the ones with the pockets and draw string opposed to elastic waistband. Crocs? There’s no such thing as nice Crocs.









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