Remember those Magic Eye posters they sold at mall kiosks back in the 90s? Yeah me too. It’s hard to forget something that brought you such deep frustration. No, I’ve never been good at those Magic Eye dealies. It’s actually part of the reason why I was an outcast growing up. Yeah, partially because my Magic Eye ineptitude, but mostly because I wore my underwear on the outside of my pants. And I still do. Now here’s indie band Young Rival bring back all those painful memories with their new music video Black Is Good. It’s all Magic Eye and it’s SICKENING. As in I stared so hard I feel sick as a result. Plus it gave me a headache. The song itself is a catchy tune but with all this Magic Eye mess, I feel left out. I tried, I really did. At one point I thought I saw someone eating a cheeseburger, but then I realized it was just my reflection in the monitor.

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  1. Luzian

    What am I supposed to see?

  2. Jaqueline

    It’s pretty damn cool all things considering. They used mostly solid figures so its mostly guys with guitars, and you get things like birds flapping, a heart, a guy playing with a toy boat, etc

  3. vitzee

    guy with mic, guy with drums, telephone, guy with guitar, suitcase, guy with guitar, other guys, band revolving, hearts, teapot, dinosaur, dolphin, bird….

  4. Brittany High

    So… no one eating a cheeseburger?

  5. sororita

    a sailboat.