Every good marketer knows that video is a good Internet marketing tool. The reason for this is simple, because in most cases, your customers make purchase decisions emotionally. This scheme sometimes works even with health products and medicines, despite their seriousness and the presence of contraindications. It is the video that creates emotions and a certain associative array in a person who once saw your video on the Internet.

How to stand out from the competition?

However, hundreds of videos appear on the YouTube platform every day. The question arises: how to break through such a huge information flow of your company? For this reason, many business owners come up with the idea to make a viral video that would be distributed among users through a non-standard presentation. Such a video is much easier and faster to promote, and most importantly, you do not pay for advertising, since such videos are actively shared by users.

So how do you create such a video?

In fact, you don’t have to adhere to any strict rules when creating a viral video. To create a viral video, you just need to carry out a phased work, namely:

  • Make strategic planning;
  • Write a script and prepare for filming;
  • Implement the assigned tasks.

It seems to many that 30 seconds of filming is enough to create a 30-second video and another 5 seconds to post the video on the Internet. But in reality, such a frivolous approach always turns out to be a failure. A creative team is needed not only to generate ideas. A business owner may have a good sense of beauty, but he hardly has a lot of time to deal with shooting formats, editing tools, etc. You can ask questions about the production of high-quality corporate videos here https://explain.ninja/2d-animated-videos/.

For example, consider this situation. Conventionally, there is a certain manufacturer of treatment facilities. The topic, to put it mildly, is not trendy and uninteresting to the average user of the Internet and social media. To prevent the video from failing miserably, you need to clearly identify the target audience. We are most interested in the owners of cottages and country houses. Those of them who live in remote areas without a central sewerage system are our potential hot clients.

But now we can try to expand the sales funnel. This can be done thanks to the humorous presentation. This is how people who just love to watch unobtrusive funny videos and share them with friends fall into the category of the target audience. Why do we need them? To increase brand awareness! It must be traced at least in the credits.

What needs to be done to create a viral video?

In order to make it easier for each of you to create creative ideas, we will give a step-by-step example of a ready-made case:

  • We wrote a song;
  • Found a rap artist;
  • Recorded a track;
  • Written a video script;
  • We searched for locations, as well as a model for the role;
  • Shot a clip;
  • Spread the clip-on social media.

It takes time to approve the idea, proofread the script, and cast the actors. Then you need proper storyboarding, directing, cinematography and editing. If you’re planning to shoot outdoors, consider the weather conditions. You can ask questions on this topic at https://explain.ninja/30-second-video/.


To summarize the above, we can say that when creating a viral video, you need to consider a number of factors:

  • You need to make a video that is relevant to your target audience;

An informational occasion can help you (if you do not have your own idea, but the video is needed urgently; it will also show that the company is up to date with the latest events);

  • Think over everything in advance;
  • Find relevant sites for placement;
  • Act quickly (especially if you are using third-party news).


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