Jeopardy contestant Ari didn’t know the answer to Final Jeopardy. So what did he do? Cry like a little baby? No. Say “F this game!” and storm off set like a sore loser? I wish! That would’ve been hilarious. Instead he gives himself a big ol’ compliment which begs the question: who IS that handsome gentlemen? The world wants to know! Move over The Most Interesting Man In The World, we’ve got a new infatuation and he’s wearing a blue sweater over a tie and dress shirt! He doesn’t always lose at Jeopardy, but when he does, he knows he’s good looking.


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  1. Kelsy

    He should have put his phone number or email as the wager

  2. nadav bar kama

    INCREDIBLE! how can any educated person from a supposed to be cultured country not even guess that this is a A.Nobel quote! very sad … well at least he`s funny!