As incredible as it sounds, parenthood is full of decision-making. Picking the baby’s name, whether to breastfeed or bottle feed, and the brand of diapers are some of the choices a parent has to make. One important choice that almost every parent will make is choosing a stroller for their little one. 

Strollers nowadays are not a luxury but a necessity. Parents purchase strollers to help transport their babies easily and safely. Almost all parents will tell you how much value a baby stroller provides. You have the task of finding the best stroller to shop for your little bundle of joy.

Types of baby strollers

Baby strollers are not the same. Sure, they all serve the basic function of transporting your baby. However, differences in their design and features cater to different requirements.

Full-sized stroller

A full-sized stroller is designed to have everything a stroller needs. It has ample cushioning to keep your baby comfortable, cup and bottle holders, a canopy, bag hooks, etc. This type of stroller takes up a significant amount of space and is quite heavy.

Umbrella-type stroller

If you have limited space in your home or in your car, an umbrella-type stroller would be best for you. Its bare-bones design means that it is light and can be folded to fit a smaller space. However, this space and weight saving all come at a price. This stroller does away with creature comforts such as padding and cushioning. These strollers, though, are extremely affordable.

Double/multi stroller

This stroller is great if you have several children that you need to take with you. The unfortunate thing about this stroller is its amount of space, plus its weight. You will also have a problem when one child has outgrown the stroller but the other hasn’t. The cost for this stroller is much higher than regular strollers. 

Jogging stroller

If you have an active lifestyle and love going out for a jog but can’t leave your baby, this is the stroller for you. It is heavy-duty – designed to take on the rigours of jogging yet provides comfort to the baby. This stroller is also heavy and has a bigger size than regular strollers.

Things to consider in choosing a baby stroller

There are considerations in buying a stroller. It is not a matter of going to a store, pointing at one, and going home with it. You want the right stroller for your baby, so think about what matters most.


As your baby grows, its needs also change. A newborn baby requires a different stroller compared to a 1-year-old. A parent shouldn’t put their infant child in a stroller exclusive to older babies since an infant is not yet strong and developed enough to balance — to sit upright. 

Infants are meant to stay in a lying down position, and baby strollers are designed explicitly for this. There are also versatile and adaptable strollers to suit your baby’s needs as the baby grows older.

Baby size and weight 

Your baby should be the main focus when selecting a stroller. After all, it is your baby who will be using it. Your baby has to be comfortable. Therefore, you must consider your child’s size and weight and use that as the basis for choosing the right baby stroller. You have to make sure that your stroller of choice gives comfort and is big enough to last as your baby grows bigger. Your child will also sleep in the stroller, so you want a fully reclinable stroller for your baby.

Stroller size and weight 

For some parents, the size of the stroller is a huge factor. You may want a big stroller if space in your vehicle is not an issue. However, some parents live in modestly sized homes or drive small cars with limited cargo space. This is when a baby stroller of a more compact design should be considered.


You should choose a baby stroller that fits your lifestyle. Regular strollers are good enough for regular people, but if you have an active lifestyle and love to exercise, then you need a durable stroller such as a jogging stroller. 

If you are the type who likes to travel and require a lightweight stroller that is easy to store, then an umbrella stroller is right for you. There are several types of strollers in the market available for several lifestyles. 


A baby stroller should have comfort and safety features so that you have peace of mind that your baby is safe. The restraint system should be sturdy yet comfortable for your baby to wear. 

You should also consider a baby stroller with a parking brake. This is an important safety feature to keep your stroller from rolling freely, especially when it is unattended. You may want a stroller with a retractable canopy to protect your baby from sunlight when you are outdoors. Cup or bottle holders, baby bag hooks, and other similar features are available in several strollers you could choose from. 

Some baby strollers even come with a mosquito netting cover to protect your baby from getting bitten by mosquitoes and lessen the chances of catching a virus. The choice of wheel size also comes into question when choosing strollers. 

Strollers with big wheels offer a more comfortable ride when negotiating turns and going over bumps on the roads than strollers with little wheels. The drawback, however, is that the big wheels eat up much bigger storage space.  

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The cost of a baby stroller ranges from affordable to very expensive. If your budget is tight, you should buy the best baby stroller that you can afford from a reputable shop. 


Choosing the right and affordable stroller for you and your baby’s requirements can be tedious but rewarding. You should not rush the purchase of a baby stroller. You have to look at several brands and comb through catalogues to find the one that not only looks good but also comes with good safety features. 

You have to perform due diligence in searching for the perfect stroller. Before you buy a stroller, you must research the brand to ensure that there are no safety concerns associated with it, such as injury. 

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