Dates at a festival, museum, park, cinema, or brunch do not call for strict dress codes. But when it comes to dinner dates, especially fancy restaurants, you have to dress for a romantic date in restaurant like they expect you to. Getting comfortable in what you wear will allow you to savor the sweet memories of your dating experience. However, context matters here and you should gear towards comfortable staples, yet chic and elegant. 

If you’re going on a restaurant date, it’s best to conform to the acceptable dress code. For a date at a classy restaurant, you have to glam up but don’t dress up way TOO much that it feels like you’re trying too hard. When you’re headed for a casual kind of restaurant, you can prop on your boots and still look amazing. 

Dresses are the best options for dinner dates and restaurants and there are lots of amazing styles that you can choose from. Below are the top 5 styles of dress for a restaurant date that you should consider:

1. Bandage Midi Dress:

Dinner dates can be exciting and fun regardless of how formal or nerve-wracking they may be. While trying to observe a professional dress decorum to suit the formality of the restaurant, you shouldn’t skip wearing an elegant dress that accentuates your best features. Avoid second-guessing yourself and stick with enjoying your dinner experience. A bandage bodycon midi dress for a romantic date in restaurant shows off your modest personality. The thigh slit and one-shoulder details add to the allure of your dress and step up the glam. Before you head out to the restaurant, you can elevate your look with some gold accessories, sleek makeup, and a complementary hairstyle.

2. Rhinestone Maxi Dress:

For a formal business date, or a work dinner where you can tag along with your date a rhinestone outfit can easily switch up your looks. A neckline that shows off class cleavage, side slits to reveal a bit of skin, high but comfortable heels, slightly more aggressive hair-styling, great jewelry selections, and creative nails can make you feel good about yourself in your ensemble. 

Knee-length dresses with reserved accessories are elegant and stunning but since those may have been your style throughout the work year, a fresh twist with a long shiny dress will not hurt. Pumps and flats are more appropriate but if you love statement-making finishing touches, stiletto heels will be great. Tassel earrings or a few jewelry pieces are acceptable but leave the facial piercings for later. You can have your hair up or down depending on the neckline of your dress, then stick with a neutral neon nail polish for a chic vibe.

3. Mini Satin Dress:

If you’re looking to impress your date and create an unforgettable impression at the restaurant, a creative mini dress for a restaurant date will be super fancy to wear. Satin adds some luxurious notes to your look and a mini option will make you look extra special without breaking the bank. For a social date with a group of friends, an outfit you would normally wear for a night out with your girls will suffice. However, a fancier strapless mini dress can earn you the best-dressed in the group. 

4. Long Sleeve Dress:

Dinner dates call for outfits that make you look nice and presentable, and suitably dressed for the restaurant’s ambiance. Whether it’s summer or winter, a long-sleeved dress for a date in restaurant will be a stunning pick. Long-sleeve dresses are also adaptable to both casual and formal settings. They can be made to look a little fancier with a few sleek accessories or casual with more comfy footwear options and a shoulder bag. For a date at a 5-star restaurant, a cute mini long-sleeved ruched dress is never a bad idea, and if you have to head out to a local diner some other time, the dress can still apply. 

5. Backless Dress:

For a super fancy dinner date and cocktail events, a bandage bodycon backless gown dress will fix all eyes on you. The dress style is alluring yet decent. It makes a statement without being loud about it. If your style is a subtle kind of glam, this stunning number will be the perfect blend with your vibe. 

Final Thoughts

The way you carry yourself hints at your level of confidence and comfort. Your date probably wants to create a good impression as well especially if it’s a first date. A smile and compliment from both of you can break the ice and set the tone for a good evening. You’ve taken your time to dress up and prepare for dinner and what better way to enjoy it than to be confident in your skin and dress? 

After you’ve chosen your dress for a romantic date in restaurant, avoid tearing down what should have been a well-coordinated look with the wrong footwear options. Trainers, running shoes, and in some cases, sandals are not good footwear choices for a dinner date. You can pair the dress with kitten heels or a good pair of flats, then complete the look with accessories. You can go bold or minimal with your jewelry selections, but whatever you decide, accessories go a long way in revving up your glam. 

Whether to go formal, casual or a mix depends on the ambiance of the restaurant you’re headed for. And even when the theme is clear, what exact dress style to wear may still be the biggest question in mind. Dressing up can be part of the fun and you shouldn’t let it stress you, we’ve covered some top styles of dress for a date in restaurant that we really think you should give a try in this post.

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