Online dating apps for gay people: find what you need in a few clicks

While lots of straight people struggle to meet someone single for dating or regular hookups, gay people face even more obstacles and complications while trying to improve their romantic lives and start dating someone. It’s not that their standards are too high: most popular dating platforms aren’t just suitable and convenient enough for gay people looking for partners. It’s not that easy and safe to look for other gay men on straight platforms because lots of heterosexual men are pretty aggressive or inadequate while talking to gays, and that’s why it’s always better to use special gay dating apps for dating and sex. Gay dating apps allow singles to communicate, learn more about each other before meeting in real life, and it’s much easier to communicate safely without facing homophobic users.

It’s hard to name the best gay dating app because almost every one of them has special features and advantages that can improve your experience and help you to find someone who suits your preferences perfectly. While some singles prefer special dating apps for gay dating, others prefer to use regular dating apps that allow users to see only gay potential partners. Each option has some advantages and disadvantages:

  • While dating apps for gay men allow users to be sure that no potential partner on the service will reject them because of being straight, gay men dating apps often have fewer useful features than huge and popular apps for both straight and gay dating. A popular and famous platform with lots of experience and a huge reputation often has more opportunities to improve its service and provide a better experience than a relatively small and reserved one, and that’s why it’s still more convenient for most gays to use famous apps and websites that have been created for straight people in the first place. Also, not every gay person knows a lot about various gay apps for men, so it’s easier for them to use one of the famous apps they know a lot about. Finally, the most popular platforms for everyone that include special filters for straight and gay dating often have more active users, so it increases everyone’s chances to succeed;
  • On the other hand, a gay dating app is always a safer option for someone who feels vulnerable and insecure and doesn’t want to face any potential negativity from other users online. If you’re interested in a closed and reserved community of single gay people looking for potential dating partners and sex and don’t want to guess whether a hop person you find online is actually gay or not, then a special gay dating app is better for you. Most apps for both straight and gay people have special limitations that allow two users to communicate only when they like each other back, so regular apps can be pretty convenient and mentally and emotionally safe for gay users. Also, lots of lesbians use popular dating platforms and websites that aren’t dedicated to LGBTQ+ people because it’s much harder to find a lesbian dating app than a gay man dating app.

What dating platforms are worth your attention?

  • Scruff is one of the most popular apps for those who seek hookups more than long-term romantic relationships. If you’re too adventurous and young for settling down, then this app can become your great opportunity to find someone special for a date or two – or maybe even more;
  • Grindr is not exclusively made for gay people too but it’s a solid and popular platform that has options for straight and LGBTQ+ dating. Just like the previous one, this app is mostly associated with hookups and quick love adventures. It doesn’t mean this app isn’t suitable for dating and long-term gay relationships though – it’s just not always easy to meet the right person because the service makes the mood and creates the impression of a non-serious platform. A convenient feature of this app is that you can see the singles living next to you – so it helps people to meet quickly and become closer to each other;
  • Hornet is a “better” version of the previous app: for more than 10 years, the app has been collecting experience and improving its service. It’s a service that is dedicated to gay, trans, bisexual and queer people – it’s definitely not for straight singles (and it’s not made for lesbians too). The app is famous and popular because it’s safe and well-protected from trolls and scammers – so you can be sure that singles you meet there are real;

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  • Jack’D is also an app that is dedicated to gays, bisexuals, queers and trans people excluding lesbians and straight singles. It’s a convenient and diverse app that offers a very versatile and comfortable experience for everyone because it’s shame-free and ready to welcome every person who wants to find love and intimacy. This app is also presented as free from racism or any other form of harassment, so you can be sure that it’s a real safe space for you. You can truly be who you want to be there – no one is going to shame you for your true preferences or identity;
  • If you’re a gay woman or a queer person who wants to find someone special, then use the app named HER. The app recognizes about eighteen genders and seventeen sexual orientations, so it allows many queer women to feel comfortable and protected. This platform respects who they are and doesn’t want to limit their personalities, so it’s a good option for someone who wants to truly present their real selves;
  • Hinge is a perfect app for gay people interested in something more than just hookups. While most dating apps concentrate on intimacy and sex, this app wants its users to find someone suitable for long-term relationships and real love. A gay person who’s truly happy in his stable relationship with his beloved partner doesn’t really need a dating app, so the service also wants to become unnecessary for you. The platform concentrates on your personality, interests and goals, so you can present yourself better and know more about your potential partners before meeting them in real life;
  • Lex is a relatively new dating app but it has a history: from an Instagram account that posted personal ads of LGBTQ+ people to its current version, this platform is dedicated to personality rather than looks. Lots of people know that appearance is secondary but it’s still easier for most people to fall for attractive faces or bodies, so Lex posts texts in the first place and adds pictures later. Therefore, if you want someone who will love you for your personality, then it’s a great option that is worth using;
  • J Swipe is a special Jewish dating app that is friendly towards LGBTQ+ people – and it makes it very unique! Though it’s not for Jewish people only, its dedication makes it easier for Jewish people who are proud of their origins to meet love regardless of their sexual orientation – so lots of people can truly celebrate their real identities there;
  • Feeld is an app that knows almost no limits: it’s an app for LGBTQ+ people of different gender identities, sexual preferences and views on relationship goals and real love. Its special feature is that it also allows polyamorous people to find someone interested in new experiences with polyamorous couples;
  • Finally – The League is a great app for people looking for real connections instead of just sex. Most of the app’s users are stable, work-driven, successful and single gay men, so it’s a perfect place to start your search!

Why is the best gay app for you?

Though many gay people are convinced that special dating apps exclusively for gay singles are better, lots of users claim it’s not always the case. Though every gay person is unique and has special goals and preferences, not every gay app for guys can provide what they need: it’s much easier for a gay man to find sex than stable and long-lasting relationships online. It’s true that most gays have a pretty high libido and are mostly interested in having lots of sexual relationships with different men but it’s still not that convenient for other gays. An average gay men app often looks like a catalogue for hookups but not like a place where you can find your soulmate.

What you should know before using popular online dating apps for gays?

It’s no surprise that dating apps and websites can’t provide a 100% effective or a 100% experience because of the different users you can meet online. While services like always try to keep their users safe from rude, inadequate people and internet trolls, you can’t know for sure whether an attractive single you met yesterday is your perfect match or not in advance. Also, lots of dating services have controversial reputations because of some users who neglect the rules of these platforms and provide inaccurate information about themselves. is a platform with two decades of experience that has already helped thousands of gay couples to meet and find their happiness. Its main focus is dating and romantic relationships, so it’s not just a hookup service for one-night stands: the service wants its users to build strong emotional connections with their potential partners and find true love. Even the best gay app is mostly concentrated on sexual intercourse than feelings but gives more than that, so you can meet someone who’s ready for real relationships that include mutual interests and goals, trust, devotion, and compatibility. If you’re tired of meeting attractive gay people who aren’t ready for long-lasting relationships for just one date and then repeating the process again, then it’s time for you to try and meet a partner for long-term gay dating that can last for life.

One of the best features of that allow every gay person to look for potential partners and use the service safely is a special system that allows you to send and receive messages only from people who like you back. Haters will never reach you on only mutual sympathy can start your conversation, so you’re always protected from hate speech and straight people who’ve made a mistake while creating their dating profiles. Your amazing dating experience is the main goal of the website!

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