While cord-cutting is the new normal, many people are still resisting the idea as it marginalizes the content that is best consumed live like news programs and sports events. Advocates of streaming services contest the fact that it brings flexibility in viewing as the primary reasoning of cord-cutting. However, if flexibility is what one needs then DVRs or Digital Video Recorders provide such opportuneness to cable enthusiasts. One can record and view hours of television content at one’s convenience through this technology. Writing a pro-article for cable cannot be justified without talking about the pricing issue that is overhauled nowadays; we have seen a tremendous increase in cable rates in the past few years. However, radically speaking, subscriptions to multiple streaming services including a live one can result in spending much more money than one spends on monthly cable. You can assume to keep on watching the same content repeatedly and do need a variety of content. Talking about the pricing, if you subscribe to the basic Hulu plan plus its Live TV costs almost 65.00 USD while a basic cable plan costs you way less. If you are a cable enthusiast and are inclining towards streaming platforms just because of costs, you should explore cable providers like Spectrum and Optimum that offer great services at minimal rates.

To make the cable experience a bit more enriching for you, we have concluded a list of the best DVRs that you might want to invest in.

At a Glance

  • TiVo Edge
  • Dish Hopper 3
  • DirecTV Genie
  • Amazon Fire TV Recast
  • Tablo Quad OTA DVR


TiVo Edge

Storage hours: 300 hours

Available Tuners: Six

Price: 395.99 USD plus 14.99 USD monthly

TiVo Edge is one of the obvious choices in the best DVR category. It allows you to record six shows at the same time. You can keep your recordings as long as you want to with its storage capacity of 300 hours. With TiVo Edge, you also get a chance to watch your favorite shows in a faster manner when short on time by the benefit of its QuickMode feature. A single tap lets you skip commercials and the voice remote allows you to control the whole entertainment dynamic without using your hands. You can also manage, stream, and download content with the TiVo app or TiVo Online.


  • Recordings have no storage restrictions
  • Voice-controlled
  • Compatible with almost all cable providers
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


  • One time high expense and then monthly payments
  • Not compatible with fiber or satellite TV
  • Cannot record from streaming services
  • Requires CableCARD that costs 2.00 USD to 4.00 USD


Dish Hopper 3

Storage hours: 500 hours

Available Tuners: Sixteen

Price: starts from 15.00 USD monthly

DISH Hopper 3 carries a bewitching experience to its users with the accessibility of sixteen tuners permitting you to record sixteen distinct channels at once. In the event that you live with your family and everybody has unique television interests, this is the best DVR for you. Besides, its built-in voice control capability and commercial auto-skip feature make it far more superior. Hopper 3 boasts the fact that it can record 500 hours of HD content or 2,000 hours of SD content, which is more than what any other DVR can promise.

The only drawback is that it comes with a DISH subscription only and for each extra TV, a little DVR called the Joey would be required.


  • HDR/ 4K video quality
  • Automatically skips commercials
  • Works with YouTube and Netflix
  • Voice-controlled
  • Sports multiview bar


  • Monthly payments
  • Requires DISH subscription


DirecTV Genie

Storage hours: 200 hours

Available Tuners: Five

Price: Inclusive in service

As the name suggests, it really is a genie, especially for crazy sports fans. You can start recording the content you want to watch via your smartphone app and then watch it whenever you get the time. This means that you can be invested in any other task at any other place and still be able to come home to a recorded match of Manchester United. You can also rewind or pause live HDTV streams for more than 80 minutes. Furthermore, DirecTV Genie allows you to record five different programs at the same time and has a storage capacity of almost 200 hours.


  • Sports multiview bar
  • Includes an NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Picture in picture mode


  • Required DirecTV subscription


Amazon Fire TV Recast

Storage hours: 150 hours

Available Tuners: Four

Price: 199.99 USD

Amazon Fire TV Recast is ideal for individuals who are proud owners of Amazon products particularly Fire TV stick and Alexa. Amazon Fire TV Recast permits you to record TV shows, live games, news programs, movies, and all that you believe merits recording. Initially, this DVR gives you the decision to record two unique channels simultaneously yet you can expand this number to four effectively by upgrading the plan. If you think that you can work with only two tuners, you would have 75 hours of record time while for the individuals who overhaul it to four tuners, the redesigned record time is expanded to 150 hours. With the adjustment in tuners, record time changes yet in both situations, storage capacity stays the same that is 500 GB.

Probably the best component of Fire TV Recast is that it is viable with Alexa permitting you to utilize voice orders to direct, oversee, and record content. In the event that you choose onto getting Amazon Fire TV Recast, you would be glad to realize that there are no monthly charges.


  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Easy to use
  • Record time is 75 hours


  • Lacks auto-skip feature for commercials
  • Requires Fire TV Stick


Tablo Quad OTA DVR

Storage hours: up to 4,000 hours

Available Tuners: Four

Price: 179.99 USD

4,000 hours of HD content! There is nothing more that you need to be convinced to invest in this DVR, but you would be more interested after knowing that it is even cheaper than most DVRs on the list. Tablo Quad OTA DVR does not feature internal storage and you would have to buy an additional hard drive to work externally. It has four tuners allowing you to store four programs simultaneously and is compatible with Roku. There is no expiration to your recordings as well. With all the goodness it brings, the only problem is that you will have to pay a lot because of the external hard drive.


  • Excellent storage capability
  • 1 Dolby surround sound
  • Compatible with Roku
  • No expiry to recordings


  • Can only record live programming
  • Requires external hard drive
  • Requires subscription for advanced features


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