This a super adorable video of BFFs Irene and Alice. They’ve been besties for 94 years. That’s like, almost 100! Believe it or not, that’s longer than I’ve been alive. In the vid, the two gals gab about all things pop culture, from Justy Beaver to twerking to WTF is a selfie. Definitely reminds me  of my BFFS2G (Best Friend Forever Since 2nd Grade). She’s my longest friend. Longest, as in time-wise, but actually she is pretty f***ing tall, too. I hope we have a grasp on what the heck is going on in 2088, but it’s highly unlikely. We drink way too much tequila to retain any kind of brain function by that age. But at least we’ll be two old ladies who can drink any young whipper snapper under the table! And that’s something right? Not something to be proud of necessarily, but it’s definitely something.

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  1. Imadethisnameup

    closet lesbians?