Raise your hand if you feel as though you deserve a relaxing vacation. Americans don’t do that enough, you know. Studies show that most Americans don’t take the maximum vacation time they’ve earned each year. Furthermore, most Americans don’t take most of their vacation days as a time to rest and recharge. Instead, we tend to utilize our time off for handling projects or things like trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles. So, maybe you don’t think you deserve a relaxing vacation, but it’s a safe bet that you need one. So, let’s talk getting away from it all, shall we?

Cruise Your Cares Away

If you’ve never been on a cruise ship, you don’t know what you’re missing. You may worry about being seasick or believe you’ll be crammed into a sardine can-sized stateroom, but these aren’t always true. Cruise ships employ the use of stabilizers to ensure the smoothest possible sailing experience. You could be on a Mediterranean cruise in the middle of the sea and have it feel just as placid as your bathtub. The staterooms, while efficient on space, vary in size. You can get something more spacious if you feel you need to. Many people don’t plan on spending much time in their staterooms, though, as they plan on availing themselves of the ship’s amenities.

Oh, yes, those ship’s amenities are fabulous, too. Beyond the bars on most public levels of the ship, there are plenty of activities for a wide range or interests. On board, you will definitely find various pools, at least one spa and a variety of restaurants which feature different cuisines. You may also find a movie theater, an arcade and a casino. Some ships have art galleries, ziplining and skeet shooting. Most ships run daily games like Bingo. Nightlife embraces everything from a quiet corner to canoodle with your love under the stars to night clubs to musical reviews. Many cruises have shops aboard so you can engage in your favorite retail therapy, too. Cruises are fantastic ways to balance relaxation with activities.

You Might Resort to This

The all-inclusive resort can be a drawback for local tourism because, well, as the resort is all-inclusive, you don’t need to go anywhere else for anything else. As a destination for supreme relaxation, though, it’s a great idea. Like a cruise ship but stationary, the resort also offers many amenities you won’t find in your day-to-day life. Ever dream about getting a massage under a cabana on a beach by the ocean? There are many resorts that cater to exactly that. Seaside resorts are famous for offering to include everything in their packages. You can try snorkeling, parasailing and deep-sea fishing. If you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, they have instructors who will teach you. Their food and drink offerings are also varied and delicious.

Perhaps instead you’re thinking of mountains rather than the sea. Resorts in the mountains will also offer you an equal chance to relax and experience unique activities. Want to learn to snowboard or ski? You’ll easily find a resort with professionals to help you learn the basics of each activity. You may find a resort with helicopter tours of beautiful vistas or historic locations. Mountain resorts are also adept at catering to your palate by offering tasty, healthy and creative meals in multiple cuisines. Outdoor recreation activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling and fishing are part of the backbone of many mountain resorts. Many spas at these locations offer you an opportunity to take your mud bath or sit in a hot tub while staring at a rugged mountain landscape. Don’t count out nature, either. A nature hike can lead you to see new flora and fauna or on a path to experience wildlife personally but still from a safe distance.

Be honest with yourself. You need a good vacation where you can relax. Just decide for yourself where you want to go and how much balance you want between relaxation and activity and go!

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