When my husband got a job in L.A, and we were scoping out places to live, we visited and fell in love with Torrance. Being close enough to L.A that we could partake in all the happenings there yet just far enough that we could avoid the constant crowds and high prices, Torrance was a sort of an urban oasis that I found ideal. The rest happened in a blur, we found a place, hired some local Torrance movers, and before I knew it, I was on a plane to LAX Airport. We arrived a full two days ahead of our stuff, and my husband and I decided to make the most of the break and explore this hidden Californian gem that we were going to make our home.

We discovered that Torrance has an easy-going and welcoming spirit with many things and places to explore. In addition to swimming or surfing at the pristine Torrance Beach, there are many cultural attractions like museums and art galleries. There are also plenty of great diners, bars, and live music venues, so there was a lot to see and do. Here are some of my favourite things to do in Torrance so far:

  1. Visit the California Museum of Fine Art
    Locals refer to the California Museum of Fine Art by its nickname, Cal Muse. It is a cultural powerhouse with art from all over the world.
  2. Ride the Strand Bike Trail
    This bike trail goes along Torrance Beach all the way up to Will Rogers State Beach in Malibu, so it is a perfect place to catch some sea breeze and enjoy the views as you bike. There are also many cafes and eateries along the trail where you stop to grab a bite.
  3. Go To the Torrance Historical Society
    The Torrance Historical Society is a must visit for any history buff. They have many activities planned regularly that explore the historical and cultural background of Torrance, as well as permanent exhibits, rotating galleries, and events like walking tours of interesting spots in the city.
  4. Soak Up The Sun at Torrance Beach
    Torrance has a spectacular stretch of pristine beach which is not too crowded and hence excellent to relax in.
  5. Browse through the Chen Art Gallery
    The Chen Art Gallery which has over 1,000 exhibits that will take you back through 5,000 years of Chinese history. It includes pottery and other ceramics from the Ming and Qing dynasties. I am fascinated with Chinese art and history, so this is an excellent place to visit.
  6. Get Some Seafood at The Jolly Oyster Market
    Grab some delicious seafood like toothsome oysters and juicy clams at the Jolly Oyster Market. There is a wide range of seafood available here that is sourced locally and is organic and sustainable.
  7. Grab Bargains at the Torrance Antique Street Faire
    Torrance Antique Street Faire is a perfect spot for anyone who likes to browse for hidden gems at a bargain. The street faire has over 180 antique vendors selling a variety of vintage pieces.
  8. Stroll Around in Alta Loma Park
    The Alta Loma Park is spread over 5 acres of green areas. There are many fun facilities here like basketball courts, picnic areas, and children’s play areas to suit different ages.

I’m still exploring Torrance, and would love your input… What are some places you would recommend visiting in Torrance?

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