Traveling to Jamaica is one of the most recommended options for those tourists who want to enjoy some fantastic days of privacy and tranquility on the Caribbean beaches, and have some great adventures exploring the jungle and mountainous areas of these tropical lands.

This destination caters every tourist need and preferences; it offers a wide variety of things to see and do, both for lovers of adventure tourism and for those who want to enjoy the resorts lying on the beach, all in an unbeatable environment, whether they are with friends, family or partner. Jamaica has all the ingredients to please anyone’s vacation. It  is committed to tranquility and cozy life, marking a latent predominance of its main daily activities, the same ones that blend in with travelers and tourists from all over, who enjoy the events and their own gastronomy of the region as two key factors for cultural delight.

Jamaica offers everything: small and large coves of white sand in the purest Caribbean style, rugged mountains, cliffs, tropical waterfalls, caves, exceptional climate, cosmopolitan cities, and wild animals that coexist in the middle of the natural habitat… tourists can even swim with dolphins in Jamaica!

The eccentricity of Jamaica lies precisely in this extreme coexistence with nature, the history, the landscape, the food and the influential culture. There is no one who can resist the paradisiacal charm of a place.


This island in the Caribbean is undoubtedly more than a fantastic tourist destination, as it is also the country of the reggae and Rastafarians; it is worth discovering it from the inside, since it is in the most remote regions where the true Jamaica is discovered: a culture of great contrasts. Jamaica is a meeting point between African culture, Asian and European culture and even the Middle East, allowing people to experience a big cultural diversity.

This British Commonwealth nation gained its independence just fifty years ago. The Jamaican flag symbolizes past and present: the black represents the difficulties, of which this country has had enough. Green represents fertile land and hope, which refers to plantations that are today free from slavery. Gold represents wealth and the rays of the sun.


When talking about Jamaican food, jerk sauce is present in almost all of the island’s gastronomy and a classic souvenir that tourists carry in small bottles, along with Bob Marley T-shirts and objects that allude to marijuana. The typical dish then combines this sauce with chicken or pork, rice and beans, with an intense, spicy and smoky flavor at the same time. It is accompanied with a flat bread made with yucca.

The other star of Jamaican cuisine is the ackee, the national fruit, shaped like a small pear and deep red in color. It grows on colorful trees that grow to over ten meters and are found throughout the country. The fruit must be cooked before eating it, since it is poisonous, but once boiled it is used as an ingredient in different dishes due to its high protein value. Another Jamaican delicacy is a snack which is sold all over the island and at any time of the day. It is a kind of fried patty made with cornmeal with various fillings, such as chicken or vegetables.


There are tons of things to do in Jamaica, most of them are outdoor activities and can be hired at any resort or hotel. There is a wide range of activities at relatively affordable prices. Some of the most popular activities are:

* Swim with dolphins in Jamaica: Let yourself be carried away by a dolphin, from the coast to the sea. Have fun with this unrepeatable experience at Dolphin Cove in Ocho Ríos
* Horseback riding: In different places on the island it is possible to rent horses and enjoy a horseback ride through Jamaica.
* Snorkeling / scuba diving: If what you want is to go scuba diving in Jamaica or snorkel, it is recommended to go directly to the beach where you want to practice this activity in Jamaica and that you rent the equipment in the same be unique.
* Rafting and bamboo canoes: If what you like are strong emotions, you can go rafting down the Martha Brae River.
* Paragliding in Jamaica: In Playa Grande, near Ocho Ríos it is the mythical place for tourists to practice paragliding in Jamaica.

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