Ibiza has been one of the hottest vacation spots since forever. People have been singing praises of Ibiza in every form of media. You can find hundreds of movies where the shoot location is just the wild beauty of Ibiza, a few songs about people’s hallucinogenic experiences and Ibiza, and more. Now, although it is physically impossible for one to get to see every single thing in Ibiza during a short holiday, it is not difficult to pinpoint the things you should do and the places you should visit in Ibiza.


Even if the island is relatively small and it does not take more than an hour to get from one end to another, there are still some essentials of a holiday to Ibiza which can take your experience to a whole new level – especially if you throw in the comfort of the luxury apartments and luxury villas in Ibiza into your holiday plan. The following tips will help you get the most out of your trip and make sure it is the most memorable one:


5 Tips to Make Your Ibiza Trip Memorable

1.     Scenic Backdrops and Restaurants

Ibiza has an impeccable reputation for its sunsets. So naturally, when the sky looks that beautiful, all you are going to want to do is have a nice meal and a glass of wine to set the mood. After all, the best to make the most out of an outing to the infamous western coast is to pair the experience with a dinner at a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere.

2.     One-Day Outing to Formentera

If you have ever come across someone who has visited Ibiza, you must have heard them rave about Formentera. Indeed, a trip to Ibiza is not complete without a one-day outing to Formentera, the neighbouring island. There are two popular ways of travelling to that area: you can either go by boat from the Sant Eulalia harbour (which is only a few minutes drive from Es Canar), or you can go from Ibiza harbour, which provides you with a broader range of trips as well as time.

3.     Different Areas Each Day

The best way to explore Ibiza is to make sure you explore a different area every day. For example, make Day 1 a North Day, then South, then East and then West of Ibiza. You can also find several different routes customised for tourists by locals, like the specific route for the northern coast of Ibiza, the cultural way in Santa Eulalia, and, of course, the route of the best beaches in Ibiza.

Landscape with Sol d'en Serra beach at sunrise time, Ibiza islands, Spain

4.     Explore the Street Markets at Night time

Everyone has heard stories about how the night is the day for Ibiza residents, and the day is night. So it does not come as a surprise to find out that most hippy markets in Ibiza set up their stalls after the sun has set. This gives visitors plenty of time to enjoy the tourist locations, the beach, and other daytime activities so they can spend the night at hippy locations like the street markets. The oldest street market in Ibiza is known as the Punta Arabí market, which is only set up on Wednesdays during the daytime. However, the famous Las Dalias market is open during the late evenings in July and August. Keep in mind that the usual timing of the Las Dalias market is Saturday morning and afternoon.

5.     Relax and Take a Stroll in Ibiza

The summer is at its hottest in the mornings in Ibiza. That is why you must go in the afternoons instead. Go for a relaxed stroll in one of the city’s oldest parts, known as the Dalt Vila – which translates to World Heritage. You can check out the old harbour and many other historic areas of the city just by taking a stroll.

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