People worldwide can be excused if they’re a little rusty when it comes to flying and traveling. Airports have seen much-reduced capacity during the pandemic, and many still face restrictions until the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is complete.

If you live in an area that is safe for travel right now, here are some tips that will help reduce expenses while improving your trip.

Drive Yourself

The most annoying thing about flying used to be getting to and from the airport, but a new model by companies like One Stop Parking has turned this upside down. Now, it’s easy to drive your own car to the airport and park it for cheap at an adjacent hotel, and you don’t need a hotel reservation to reserve the parking spot.

Just book the spot the night before and show the attendant your reservation, then hop aboard the free bus to your terminal. You can save up to $200 per trip this way or more if the company you pick gives you points for using their service.

Bring What You Need

Airports globally have improved shopping today compared to years ago, with modernization efforts resulting in things like local restaurants past security, better duty-free shops, and more recognizable retail brands.

However, airports are still generally over-priced because they know that the people in them are trapped and can’t go to a neighboring store. If there’s something you’ll need aboard the plane ride, make sure to bring it with you, even if they sell it at the terminal.

This includes everything from a comfortable neck pillow, headphones, a screen with the entertainment you want pre-downloaded, and even food. If you have some no-mess snacks or even a sandwich, you can eat delicious, familiar food and save your splurges for when you touch down and your vacation begins.

Dress Appropriately

You want to be comfortable while you’re flying without looking too casual. Some clothing lines make clothes that are perfect for long trips because they are wrinkle- and odor-resistant.

They’re easy to pack, and they look great without ironing. You’ll love having clothes that are comfortable enough to wear for long periods in a confined space that you can then hop off the plane with and look smart wherever you go.

Pack Tactically

Now that some airlines have fees for things that used to be free, like checking-in bags, you need to reassess your old habits.

If you can fit everything you’re bringing on the trip into the overhead compartment, you won’t need to pay to stow your bags. Plus, there’ll be no need to wait with everyone at the luggage carousel. You can start your vacation right away without worrying if the airline accidentally lost your bags.

Travel by air is one of the most remarkable aspects of modern life, something that was unavailable to even the most powerful people centuries ago. Remember these tips, and you’ll fly in style, but for less.

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