Mexico is a beautiful country with so much to offer travelers. Whether you are looking for some Mexican food, Mexican art, or just Mexico’s natural beauty, this list of Mexico travel tips will help you achieve a safe and worry-free trip. Here are some ways that we recommend in order to make your Mexico vacation safer:

Start with a reputable tour company

You must find a reputable tour company in order to ensure a trip to Mexico will be safe. It is important that you find the best and most trustworthy travel company so you can have peace of mind when traveling abroad, especially if it’s your first time doing so.

Always research the agency and find out if they have reviews from former travelers. It is a good idea to ask your friends or family members who might have traveled there before what company they used and their opinion on it, as well-reputed companies will be talked about more often than others. If you’re looking for certain tours as well, such as a helicopter mexico city tour, make sure they are with reputable and trusted companies.

If you do this you’ll have far fewer worries on your vacation. The company should ensure that you have no problem flying to and from Mexico and that your stay there will be most comfortable. If you heard anything else from someone, don’t go with them.

Here’s a list of qualities to look for in a travel company:

  • reputable
  • organized
  • friendly
  • experienced
  • careful with your money and belongings while traveling abroad.

Make sure to get travel insurance in case something goes wrong on your trip

You have to get insured before you travel and the best way to do this is to buy a travel insurance policy before your trip. This will be cheaper than buying it when you are at home because they don’t charge as much for policies bought far in advance of travel dates, so pick one up now!

The good thing about getting travel insurance is that if something bad does happen on vacation then you won’t be left high and dry without coverage. Some tourists think they’ll only need medical care or evacuation services but some other things can go wrong too: lost luggage or even injuries from falling off an elephant whatever may happen these types of emergencies can cost a lot of money.

Pay your tourist tax before arrival

Before you arrive, make sure you pay the tourist tax, also known as the Visitax Mexico for Cancun and the state of Quintana Roo. This can easily be done online. Visit and fill out an online application. You’ll receive a QR code, which you show at the airport.

Purchase bottled water from street vendors to prevent getting sick from tap water

Never drink tap water in Mexico unless it has been boiled or filtered. You can buy bottled water from street vendors to ensure a safe trip without being sick because of tap water. It is usually inexpensive, and you will feel safer drinking the purified water than risking becoming ill with stomach issues or traveler’s diarrhea.

This will make sure you won’t get sick while traveling Mexico. You’ll have to stay hydrated and you’ll drink a lot of water so make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times.

Bring supplies to protect your skin and head

The weather in Mexico can be pretty hot and the Sun can be your worst enemy when you’re outside. That is why you must bring supplies that will protect you from the sun and the heat, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. Bring multiple bottles of sunscreen and always be generous when applying it. This goes out especially for the people who live in areas where it’s not so hot around the year. Make sure you have something for head protection too and always bring a towel with you in case it starts burning your neck. Here is a list of things to bring along for these things when in Mexico:

  • Sunscreen (at least two bottles)
  • Sunglasses
  • hat
  • Bandana
  • Towel

Protect yourself from bugs

Insects are always annoying and even more so in tropical areas. A trip to Mexico can be ruined by these little bugs so you should ensure to bring along some bug spray or buy it upon arrival. Make sure that you are protected from bed bugs and mosquitoes since they will be your biggest bother during the vacation. Apply protection sprays whenever you are leaving your hotel, especially at night, and don’t forget to put on a layer of mosquito protection when you are going to sleep.

Buy a map so you never get lost

One of the most useful items for any trip you’re taking, especially if you are going to places for the first time, is a map. Tourists often have trouble getting around new areas but are keen to explore everything. To make your job easier, and to ensure you will not get lost along the way, simply get a map for every area you are visiting to know exactly where you are, and how you can get back to your hotel.

With these tips, your trip to Mexico will be safe and without stress. Make sure the travel agency is reliable and bring protection from bugs and the Sun. Also, get a map to help you get around easily. Drink only bottled water and get travel insurance in case you get sick. Have a nice vacation!

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