Are you planning a rip-roaring vacation with your friends this summer? Or perhaps, you want to rope in your entire family into sharing your love for wanderlust? Either way, traveling with large groups of loved ones and friends is truly the best way to explore the world.

Solo traveling is fun and intimate, but vacationing with friends and family has its own wondrous charm. Oh, and the memories you will make and the experiences you will cherish for years to come! Traveling with your loved ones is the best way to build a stronger, unbreakable bond, held together by unforgettable memories.

We’ve created a delightful roundup of picturesque destinations to inspire your bucket list.

Here, take a look:

Smoky Mountain National Park, USA

Do your friends enjoy hiking up to soaring heights, exploring cascading waterfalls, alpine lakes, and wildflower meadows? Or perhaps, you want your hardworking parents to rejoice in the scenic landscape of snow-capped peaks in an idyllic alpine town?

The Smoky Mountain National Park is a treasure trove of majestic landscapes, thrilling adventures, and majestic serenity. It’s the ultimate family destination because it offers a little something to keep everyone entertained and exalted. For instance, children can explore amusement parks and historical heritage, while adults can challenge themselves with over 100 breathtaking nature trails.

There are plenty of activities for everyone in Tennessee. Seniors can revel in the peaceful and old-world charm of the region from afar and rejuvenate their senses with stunning beauties.

Families planning an extended vacation can explore luxurious condos in Gatlinburg TN, to enjoy alpine wonders without giving up on modern amenities. Gatlinburg is one of the most picturesque alpine towns in the US, having a distinctively quaint and charming appeal.

The local cultural scene and heritage appeal are amazingly vibrant, and there’s much to learn and explore. We urge you to enjoy the local cuisine and gastronomic experiences to your heart’s content.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Italian Riviera is one of the most stunning and culturally vibrant destinations to explore in Europe. Cinque Terre welcomes travelers to explore five spectacular coastal villages brimming with natural beauty and delicious Italian food. The name Cinque Terre loosely translates to Five Lands, detonating the villages of Corniglia, Monterosso, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza.

The coastal landscape is majestically beautiful, and the cliffside architecture makes it all the more wondrous. Walking through the streets lined with vibrantly colorful houses is a delightful experience, paired with decadent streetside snacks. The sea is surreally peaceful, and the region offers an abundance of breathtaking hiking trails.

Nature enthusiasts must embark on the Sentiero Azzuro walking trail, connecting all five villages with a heavenly route. The track will exalt you with the most sublime views of the vibrant villages and splendidly scenic coastline. Cinque Terre is home to a series of serenely calm beaches famous for sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

Bhutan’s Paro Valley is a stunning expanse of natural beauty and soaring granite cliffs. However, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is undoubtedly the most spiritually enriching and exalting experience the valley offers. Nestled atop a 3000m tall granite cliff, this world-famous Buddhist monastery is a majestic sight for sore eyes.

Popularly known as Para Taktsang, the construction of this monastery goes back to 1692 to commemorate the meditation site of Guru Padmasambhava. The architecture is jaw-droppingly intricate and exquisite, and exploring its quarters is an otherworldly experience. The view of the majestic vistas and lush verdant valleys from the balconies will take your breath away. Also, be sure to check out the splendid hiking trails in the surrounding pine forest.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world. Amazingly, nearly half of the citizens use their bicycles for commuting to prevent air pollution and preserve their environment. The ambitious inhabitants are aiming to make their city carbon-neural by 2025, and they are gloriously succeeding.

That’s not all. The Danish capital is also one of the happiest cities globally, with a vibrant, close-knit, and welcoming community. It’s a city dominated by picturesque harbors and idyllic canals, and travelers flock to enjoy well-rounded canal tours. The backdrops are breathtakingly stunning, and the magnificent architecture will keep you busy hopping from one street to another.

Copenhagen is also the retail capital of Denmark. The local fashion and design houses are world-renowned, and you will find yourself shopping to your heart’s content. In addition, the nightlife scene is roaring with incredible concerts and raves, fine dining experiences, and cocktail bars.

You cannot end your trip without visiting the magical Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

Serengeti, Tanzania

Do you come from a family of wildlife enthusiasts and avid National Geographic watchers? If yes, the Serengeti National Park deserves a top spot on your bucket list. It is home to giant terrestrial mammals’ most extraordinary migration site, including millions of wildebeest and exotic zebras.

Birdwatchers flock to Serengeti to explore and photograph over 500 species of exotic and rare birds. The national park is also home to the natural habitats of cheetahs, zebras, and other large mammals.


Planning a vacation with a large group of people is never easy. Keeping everyone happy and entertained isn’t easy, so let them choose their own experiences. We urge you to account for everyone’s interests and preferences while making arrangements and planning the itinerary. Avoid micromanaging, and let everyone explore at their own pace.

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