When you’re planning your next vacation to Hawaii, perhaps the last thing on your mind is what you pack. But you should start thinking about what to bring for your vacation now, so you can be as prepared as possible without having to worry while you’re there.

Packing shouldn’t be too hard or overwhelming, so here’s a list of things to throw into your suitcase when prepping for your vacay.

Water shoes

If you’re into exploring the seas, then water shoes are a must. While you can float and swim with bare feet without a problem, water shoes are great for anyone who hopes to explore the rocky coast lines and waterfalls. You never know what kind of terrain you’re going to come across on your adventures, so it always pays to pack a pair in your backpack.

A waterproof phone case

Now that we take our phones everywhere we go, it only makes sense to protect your phone. There are waterproof phone cases that will let you protect your phone from the elements while also ensuring that you can snap those pics of you adventuring.

A power bank

With a rechargeable power bank, you never have to worry about your phone dying. There are plenty of options available to bring, depending on the maximum size and weight that you’re willing to carry. You may think this sounds unnecessary, but you’ll be thanking yourself when your phone battery dies and you’re headed to a luau in Maui that you hope to record.

A light rain jacket

A light rain jacket is a must with any trip to Hawaii, because you can never be sure how the weather’s going to act. Since Hawaii is a tropical island, there’s a high chance of rain and an overall feeling of dampness mostly every day, so you want to be prepared. From a downpour to the mist by a waterfall, bring a jacket you can easily toss in your bag without it taking up too much space.

Flowy clothing

Take advantage of Hawaii’s tropical weather and break out your flowy clothes! We’re talking those white dresses for women, linen pants, and jumpsuits that are easy and breezy. Feel free to experiment with color and patterns and model yourself after your tropical surroundings.

Bug spray

You can never be too safe when it comes to dealing with those pesky bugs! A good container of bug spray will make sure you’re protected and not itching up a storm when you’re hanging out on the gorgeous beaches.

Packing cubes

While this may not be an item to use on your vacation, you’ll be thankful when you come home that you have packing cubes in your suitcase. These handy additions are pivotal for those travelers that like to shop until they drop when they’re on vacation. That’s because packing cubes organize your suitcase and make it easier to fit more items into a small bag.

Sea sickness bands

These are incredibly helpful if you get seasick or motion sick. All they are are little bands that simply go around your wrist and touch a pressure point on your arm. The constant acupressure can really restore balance to your body and nip seasickness in the bud. Many travelers have seen success with these, so they’re worth a try.

No trip to Hawaii is complete without these items in your bag. So make sure you are prepared at all times and you won’t have anything to worry about on vacation!

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