We know that you’ve been humoring your grandpa all these years about how cool his miniature train set is. “Wow, Grandpa. There’s a little post man and a school house and OMG street lights? SO high tech.” Excuse me while I die of boredom and go to hell for lying to my grandfather. At this point I’m taking notes so my eBay listing is as thorough as possible when I finally inherit the damn thing. Originally I was planning on selling it for booze money, but now I’m thinking about taking a trip to Hamburg, Germany to see Miniatur Wunderland. It’s world’s largest model railway in the whole world and it’s got everything—crime scenes, aliens and a tiny little red light district. Awww. This is a great place to explore for every hardcore fan of model railway buildings, scale model buildings or model trains.

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  1. Johannes

    I life in Germany and I was there for a weekend last year trip and it was very cool. The airport wasn’t build there.
    I made a few hungred photos in about three hours. Luckyly they have a cupboard there with lots of adapters, so that you can recharge your camera ;-).
    Mabey it’s better to go there without camera. You will see more details without a display infront of your eyes.
    And another tip: Buy the tickets online! There is allways a very long waiting time…