Safety is the key element whenever you are designing your home or work area. Safety regarding every element is compulsory for efficient working and good productivity.

So, when you choose the lighting system did you consider this important aspect?

No doubt tri-proof led lights are amazing in performance, buy safety measures must be well-thought-out.

ShineLongled tri-proof lights are providing safety at international standards. It’s not just a statement but somehow a personal experience.

These lights are energy efficient and long lasting. In the new world scenario people have to spend long hours in these artificial lights. This happens specially in covered or underground areas where sunlight does not reach. All this rise questions about the security of these lights.

To check these criteria, one must know the health implications of artificial lights.  Tri-proof led lights provides protection against water, dust and corrosion. The basic question is, are these safe for human health and other objects kept under these lights?

There could be different answers for different products. Similarity is that every product has its good and bad side. Its up to the user to choose the best one according to the requirements. Let’s see different points which can show the safety of tri-proof led lights.



General Impact of LED Lights

To understand the led light impact on health it is compulsory to know the structure and nature of led lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These are semiconductor in nature and emanate light energy when turned on or current passes through them.

Although these are highly secure against many damaging agents such as moisture, dust, high temperatures and other corrosive agents. But these can have some harmful effects for human health. It depends on the ingredients used in manufacturing of led lights.

Now a days, white light LEDs are in use which are safer. These lights do not harm the environment but only when broken or not disposed off properly. These become harmful only if someone has exposed to intense lights for long hours.

The manufacturing standards for LED lights bound the manufacturer for built in safety measures to secure the users. Direct exposure to LED light for long time or staring at can harm the eye retina. Blue LED light is more susceptible of causing damage for eye-sight and eye retina.


How Safe are LED Lights


Health Problems with LED Light?

LED lights are manufactured under strict standards to make them more useful. However, there are some health risks still exist with use of LED lights. Here are some health problems which can be due to LED lights.

Eye-sight and eye problems

Sleep Problems

Effect the Nervous System

Skin problems


Do You Check How Safe are LED


Eye-sight & Eye Problems

Eyes are the first human organ that accepts the effect form light, because it needs light to see. Led lights are safe for use in a variety of atmosphere. However, it can be damaging for eyesight if eyes become in direct contact with light. LED lights can be safer by avoiding direct contact with eyes.

Led lights include arsenic, lead and many other such elements which have potential to be dangerous for human health. These elements could harm if the led lights are broken and someone have to stay in that atmosphere. Normally these items in led light have no harm to your health.

According to the researchers, the light emitted from led lights can harm the retina cells. This damage is non-recoverable. It could happen by starring at intensive led lights. Nevertheless, led lights are safe because these do not produce radiation and also consumes less energy to provide more luminous light. You can visit this site for a variety of LED lights including Icicle Lights, Rope Lights and the list goes on.

Long exposure to the led white light can damage retinal cells and can blur the vision permanently. The white light emitted from LEDs contains more blue light in spectrum which is higher in energy but makes the light colder.

Long exposure to LED white light and blue light can cause permanent damage to your retinal cells. But it happens only if someone stares at the light or lights are placed in such a way that light directly enters the eyes.




Led Light and Other Health Issues

As LED lights are consuming less electrical power, so these are used in all types of atmospheres where lighting is needed for long hours.

Long exposures to led lights can alter our biological systems. White or blue LED light greatly affect the production of Melatonin hormone. This hormone is very important and controls and regulates many of our body functions and regulate them.

Melatonin has great effect on:

  • Neuroprotection
  • Antitumor inhibition
  • Anti-inflammation process
  • Facilitate antioxidant effects
  • Immune modulation

Keeping all this in consideration it is easy to understand that variation in Melatonin can cause a good deal of wrong in our body responses.

Well, all this outcome is not only from exposure to LED fixtures but many other sources of led light are also included.

These include smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets or any such device that uses led light sources.




LED Lights and Insomnia

It seems somehow ridiculous that LED lights can be a cause of your insomnia.


It is a fact. Long exposures to LED lights initiate an alertness in our body responses and disturbs the light-dark-cycle of our body.

This results in un-natural sleep which does not refresh you and get you ready for next day working.

Long exposures to Led light also cause exhaustion which is an ultimate result of non-resting sleep.


Safe are LED Lights


LED Lights and Cancer Risk

LED lighting systems are rapidly becoming popular. Most of our time is spent in exposure to led lights in a variety of ways.

Scientific studies have made to know the effect of LED lights on human health. Studies have revealed that long exposure to LED lights upsurge the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Well, this research is linked with blue light emitted from LEDs.

However, it is talked about high intensity blue led light. In normal LED light fixtures blue light is at very low intensity. So, it is not considered as the direct cause of cancer.

Modern led lights come with customizable sizes and also provides with a control to dim the lights.




Kids and LED Light Safety

This is the most important question, whether LED lights are safe for lighting kids’ rooms?

We all know that kids have high sensitivity so, they can be affected by blue led lights.


There is a solution, use warm temperature LED lights having low intensity of blue light.

Train your babies not starring at LED lights, so that their eyes remain safe.

Low intensity LED light fixtures with warm temperature can be safely used in kids’ bedrooms at night for a peaceful sleep.


bedrooms at night lights


Installation Safety of LED Lights

LED lights not only consume less energy but also are very easy to install. Multiple installation methods are provided with LED light fixtures.

While manufacturing of LED lights all safety measures are implemented. LED light fixtures are prepared to bear the heat and heat emitting is also minimal in case of LED lights.

Multiple connection methods in LED fixture enhances the safety of lighting system. It provides safety in connections and also the home wirings. It reduces the threat of short circuit.


bedrooms lights



After a long discussion if collectively question of LED light safety is raised, the simple answer is yes!

Although we have discussed many health hazards regarding LED lights and have seen many disorders that could be result of exposure to LED lights.


We can not associate all these disorders only with led lights. There may be many other factors which can develop them.

Furthermore, the manufacturers implement all safety standards while led light production.  International safety standards always prefer the users’ and eco system safety. And the same is the case of LED lights.

Whenever you are searching for LED lights which are highly safe for your home, office, parking or any other area, you must visit SHINELONGLED.COM. Here you can find quality tri-proof led lights to enlighten your surroundings.

They are leading manufacturer of trusted, robust and safe led lights.  To reduce the risk up to the large extent some safety measures can be used.

Taking care of the following points makes use of LED lights entirely safe.

  • Avoid spending more time in exposure to LED lights specially at night
  • Practice blue light filters with your devices with led lights.
  • Choose warm LED lights fixtures if it is compulsory to stay under LED lights.
  • If you experience any symptoms or discomfort, start taking break to your exposure to LED lights.

If you implement all the safety measures in use of LED lights it’ll reward you in form of full swing of LED light benefits.

A wisely taken decision always bring good to you, so be wise in selection of led lights for enlightening your surroundings. LED lights can be used in homes, offices, gardens, parkings, super stores, subways, underground stations, warehouses or any area where you have to fight with darkness. Choose LED lights and prove yourself an energy saver and eco system protector.



Author Bio:
Nat Huang is the Chief Marketing Officer for SHINELONGLED.COM, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED triproof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.

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