It started in California but soon will cover all the 5,000 miles of toll roads in the USA 

This toll app innovation makes toll transponders completely obsolete. Uproad detects when you take a toll road and sends you a notification. Then the app communicates with the appropriate tolling authority to pay your toll fees with the funds on your app account.

The forward-thinking Uproad mobile app detects the car moment when the driver takes a toll road and sends them a notification. The app communicates with the tolling authorities and detects one’s license plate in their database once the driver finds themselves on a specific road.

You can simply download a free Uproad app from Google Play Market or App Store and install it on your device. Users can add up to ten cars and choose a preferred toll payment option for example PayPal, Venmo, debit card or credit card. Then to pay tolls, you don’t need to do anything: just top up your account balance, pass a toll on any toll road that Uproad covers and the toll cost will automatically deduct from your balance. 

Besides main functionality the app also has a trip calculator which you can easily use to calculate your total toll usage as well as estimate the costs of your upcoming trips in advance which is really handy.

Once you activate your Uproad account, you can start using the application the next day.

As soon as the trip is over, the application will let you know your overall toll expenses. This app can not remove bottlenecks from the roads — but it can warn the drivers about them so that they would be able to plan their itinerary so as to avoid the busiest toll lanes.

Uproad charges a small transaction fee for each toll payment and if you use toll roads a lot you should consider purchasing their $19.99 yearly Premium membership to reduce this fee.

Thanks to this mobile application, you’ll have no reasons to shun unfamiliar toll roads anymore and you won’t receive a tolling agency fine for untimely payment. Uproad definitely makes toll road travel simpler, provides more transparency compared to using a toll transponder, saves you from late payments and it’s free to download. Win, win, win!

Tolling agencies would benefit from this innovation too. Since there are no intermediaries involved in the process, the financial transactions will happen without delays. This app is a true game-changer that makes road trips in the U.S. more comfortable and enjoyable for all the participants.

Image Source: Uproad


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