If you asked anyone what their top passions are it is quite likely that travel would be near the top of the list. Even those who consider travel to be simply exploring new places in the city in which they live, almost everyone enjoys a trip. Social media and travel blogs have played a major role in the huge spike in wanderlust that many people are so vocal about, and it is hard to see all the beautiful pictures of these magnificent places and not want to run straight to the airport.

Sadly, budget can be a major roadblock for many hopeful travelers though. Every trip has its cost and for young people, the access to the kind of cash that these once in a lifetime trips require is just not an option. The good news is though that there are ways to see the world that do not break the bank, and opportunities for even the most frugal explorer to make their travel dreams a reality.

Study Abroad

If you are still in college, a study abroad program is an excellent way to build the cost of travel into your existing budget. These programs combine (often) international locations with your coursework and depending on where you elect to go, you can even use your off-class times to see even more places. Federal student loans might not be an option when researching how to finance study abroad but private student loans offer more flexibility.

You can, and may already have, use a student loan from a private lender to pay for college. Pick a study abroad program that satisfies all your financial requirements but also appeals to your passions. This is a time when you will get to experience different cultures, languages, food, weather, the list is endless, while still having the community of college to turn to for support and join you in these awesome experiences.

Give a Little to Get a Little

Sacrifice stinks, there are no two ways about it. But when it comes to travel if you are willing to concede in some areas to splurge in others you can cultivate a trip that both meets your budgetary needs and satisfies your desire to experience everything. Some common tips to avoid overspending include creating a timeline that is realistic if you need to save beforehand, and knowing what you can cut out. For example, if your trip includes a lot of sightseeing, activities, and outdoor time, consider going for the cheaper lodging alternatives since you will not be doing much more than sleeping in that space anyways. A simple swap like this can free up cash for excursions, souvenirs, and in the moment opportunities that you might have otherwise had to say no to.

Consider a Relocation

If you are a professional in the working world but feel like significant travel is still out of your reach, think about combining your job with your passion. Taking a job that requires a relocation to a new part of the world is a great way to experience new countries and see the world while still getting paid and maintaining your financial goals. If a full-on move feels too large scale, investigate international companies that have offices across the globe. These jobs can often provide opportunities for work travel trips that are intermittent and allow you to see the world and maintain your comfortable home base.

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