Going on a holiday is one of the best ways to de-stress after a hectic work schedule. Not only will it give you some time away from work to relax, but it will also improve your overall health. It’s not easy to book a long time away from work, but a long weekend getaway can do wonders on your well-being.

A bit of relaxing will improve your health

Going away for the weekend, like short breaks Oxfordshire, will promote better mental health and positive emotions. By being away from work just to relax, makes you less prone to depression and gives you more satisfaction for general things in life. When there is a work-life balance, the body benefits by having lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and healthier weight. If you get enough break from work, you’ll find more satisfying things to do in life.

Improved productivity

Work and home life productivity play an essential role in controlling your stress levels. Experts even advise that you should take breaks, even short ones, you can maintain your productivity levels in all aspects of your life.

While focusing on your goals and to-dos will do you good, a quick mental break also brings positive benefits to your health and will help you stay in focus.

Plan energising weekends away

There are only a few long weekends on the calendar but it shouldn’t stop you from planning a getaway though. You don’t need a whole week to go away on a trip, because even driving away somewhere can help give you a breath of fresh air.

Hop on the train and stay for a night or two in one of the nearby towns. You can also visit museums or even try having brunch at the newly built cafe.

If you’re due for pampering, plan a weekend to treat yourself at the spa for a manicure, pedicure and even a haircut.

Staycation will do

If you can’t afford to go somewhere far financially speaking or because of your tight schedule, you can always plan for a staycation. You can book for one night at a hotel in the CBD and spend the day attending shows, dining out and have a drink or two before calling it a night.

While holidays are often associated with going out of the country or long periods of being away, a weekend getaway will give you the same energising results. There are even advantages to it being much cheaper because you can save on airfares and expensive hotel bookings, and there’s less stress in terms of planning. Going away doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money to enjoy. As long as you know how to do it right, you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.

If you distribute your leave to short breaks throughout the year instead of being away for a month or a few weeks at a time, there are more getaways to look forward to. It will make your stressful work schedule more bearable because you know that somewhere in between, you’ll go away somewhere to re-energise and relax.


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