As we get stuck in the same daily routine, there is a time where you need to gain a new perspective and travel to different parts of the world allows for someone to achieve that.

It is easy for someone to spend the day in another city in the same country or go to a friend’s cottage for the day to get away from the immediate challenges that work, or life bring. However, in order to gain a new perspective, it is essential for someone to go to a different part of the world.

Alexander Testa of Burlington, Ontario, a professional and travel enthusiast, has learned about the ways a country, city, or even an island can bring a new perspective to someone’s life. He finds that by travelling, people are able to get out of their comfort zone.

Learning About New Experiences

When you travel to a foreign part of the world, there is an immediate culture shock where you are sometimes forced to adopt another culture or way of life. For example, in Canada we drive on the right side of the road but over in England, they drive on the left just that subtle change takes time getting used to.

We also tend to get comfortable with what is familiar to us like certain foods that we eat everyday. Going to a different part of the world forces us to eat different things and even learn new delicacies that you might want to try when you get back home.

The love of music has allowed Alexander Testa to learn different genres and styles of music, which is why it’s important to understand the way various cultures have on the world and there is no better way to explore the origin.

A Bad Experience Can Also be Beneficial

Sometimes the best way to appreciate what you have can come from learning how other parts of the world don’t enjoy the same benefits. Alexander Testa has studied about times in history where people didn’t have access to the same resources, until you witness it firsthand, it’s tough to get a true appreciation.

Going on vacation also allows for moments of reflection because you tend to be more relaxed and in a different mindset. Many people tend to get a better appreciation for the situation they are in or want to find a way to improve themselves. This is especially true if you travel over a long period rather than for a weekend getaway or a week.

Alexander Testa on Seeing the Beauty of the World

Like studying about different historical landmarks, travelling provides the opportunity to get a proper visualization or realize something that books can’t explain.

In most cases, those who come from big cities don’t often get to see natural beauties of the earth. Seeing things that have been around for thousands of years not only gives you a new appreciation for what the world has to offer, but it makes you wonder what else there is to explore, says Alexander Testa.


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