Traveling has practically become a necessity in today’s business world, and it seems like you can’t always escape from work even when you head out on a personal vacation. To make things even more complicated, you may also have to deal with jet lag and travel delays that all impact your ability to stay productive. If your last trip left you with a ton of work leftover, you can use these tips to be more productive this time so that you hit those critical deadlines.

Create a Detailed To-Do List

A carefully outlined to-do list is just as important as that swimsuit that you’re packing. Write down everything that is due during your trip along with things that you need to prepare for while you are gone. Then, prioritize each item so that you know what to work on first.

Make the Best of Your Traveling Times

Whether you travel by car or plane, you can bet that you’ll have some time during the commute to think. Look at your to-do list to see what you can tackle. You might be able to send out a few emails while you wait for your plane to board, or the flight may be the perfect time to work on that speech you have to give next week.

Prioritize Sleep

This tip may sound counterproductive when you are tempted to while away the midnight hours pounding out your latest report. However, being tired causes your productivity to take a significant dip. How much sleep you need depends of course on your activity, but there are tricks that help.  Set an appropriate bedtime, and do your best to stick to it. You can always finish up whatever you left incomplete in the morning when you are more alert.

Find a Suitable Workspace

Some people work great in their hotel room, while others prefer to find somewhere else to get their work done. Look for a hotel that has options such as a bedroom suite with a designated desk. You can also choose to work out of the hotel’s business center or head to the local coffee shop. Putting yourself in a comfortable work environment helps set your mind to be productive.

Know When to Delegate

There may be some things that you just can’t get done when you travel. If so, see what you can delegate to someone else on your team. Your assistant might be eager to take on more responsibility that helps them gain experience, or your colleague might trade-off on tasks that you can help with on their next trip.

Use Every Tool Available

There are tons of productivity tools that are just waiting for you to tap into them. Set timers to motivate you to keep working until it is time for a break. Use noise-cancelling headphones to concentrate as you work on the plane. You can also use voice dictation software to make notes if your hands are full and you have an important thought.

Leave Some Time for Fun

All work and no play will leave your brain drained. Make sure to also leave some room to play your favorite slot games at help you relax. Sometimes, just an hour or two away is all it takes to help you settle down and focus on work.

The world doesn’t stop when you travel the globe, but you can make the most of every minute. Being more productive simply requires you to make use of each available moment. Just remember to mix in a little pleasure to make it worth staying on your to-do list.


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