While Tennessee may be known as the land of country music, it caters to multiple travelers coming with different interests to explore this state. Situated in the south region of the U.S., it provides ample amount of sightseeing opportunities, rich history, country music, and culinary options to its visitors. So, if you are worried about how to plan the travel itinerary for a Tennessee vacation, let this blog serve you with multiple options to hush your planning worries away!

Other than the above-mentioned options, it offers picturesque natural wonders, exhilarating outdoor activities, and incredible attractions that might do the job of luring in travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, and thrill seekers because of the diversity it offers. Here’s a list of some of the most exciting attractions and things to do in Tennessee, without which your vacation would be incomplete!

1. Taste the Warm, Decadent Pizza of Pigeon Forge

Start the route of your journey by making a stop at one of the famous restaurants of Pigeon Forge, which serves you oozing, cheesy Pizza. Whether you want it plain or filled with toppings, the following Pizzas of Pigeon Forge will never fail to disappoint you;

  • Johnny Cairo’s: This is for all the meat lovers out there! Their Pepperoni and Johnny’s Three Meat Combo is to die for. The addition of handcrafted pizza that produces the softest crust, great sauces, and immaculate flavors sets the benchmark for all the other pizza Pigeon Forge restaurants in Tennessee.
  • Big Daddy’s Pizzeria: Their specialty of wood-fired brick oven pizzas keeps people wanting more. They have a wide menu ranging from traditional cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza to specialty pies. The special flavors include Big Kahuna, Chicken Florentine, or Smoky Mountain Cheesesteak. However, you can even make your pizza if you cannot find the right flavor for you!
  • Geno’s Pizza: This is one of the best-serving places in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg that serves the locals and visitors with their famous specialty.

2. Take Tours Around the Different Corners of Tennessee

While you are in the city, book some of the interesting tours of the city that provides you with the rich historical knowledge this place has.

  • Memphis City Tour: Memphis, located in Southwest Tennessee, has some remarkable landmarks to see. So hop on that mini coach and check out Lorraine Motel along the way. Make a necessary stop at Sun Studio, where you get to discover how Elvis Presley and BB King recorded some of the most iconic hits of all time. If you are a history buff, then do forget to check out your favorite National Civil Rights Museum!
  • Nashville Party Tractor Tour: Who does not likes exploring while humming and dancing to country music? Explore downtown Nashville on the 75-minute party bus, with a DJ and a dance floor. Dance, get free beers, and explore the city from a different perspective.
  • Helicopter Tour of Downtown Nashville: Experience the beauty of the Music City from above as the pilot stops at the top of significant landmarks; Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee State Capital, and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Guided Walking Tour of Memphis: If you are a fan of walking, then learn the historical changes Memphis that have faced throughout history. The tour will make quick stops at Beale Street, Court Square Fountain, and Confederate Park.

3. Explore the Haunted Side of Tennessee

Who does not loves exploring the spooky, unseen side of a place and hearing the eerie ghost stories that run a shiver down their spine? Discover the haunted side of Tennessee by booking a tour of The Ghosts of Nashville Tour, which takes you to haunted churches and music venues. Then, continue your haunted trip by taking a stroll at Chattanooga while you listen to the country’s ghost tales. Have a scary evening at Miller Park, where you hear more about bloodshed, demons, monsters, and curses that once existed. Lastly, Chattanooga houses some of the most haunted pubs and back alleys. Thus, keep an eye out for any paranormal activity that you might encounter on your spooky tour.

4. Discover Natural Attractions of the Music Land

We have also shortlisted some of the tourist attractions for nature lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded spots for a while;

  • Foster Falls: To experience this dizzying waterfall, situated at South Cumberland State Park, one must walk the 3.2-km loop trail of Tracy City. The trail is a common spot for all hikers, rock climbers, and runners to express their love for adventure and nature.
  • Rock City Garden: This spot rests at the top of Lookout Mountain. Exploring this place would be like getting a mini Botany class, as you will discover different species of flowers, plants, and shrubs. Standing at Lover’s Leap will give you a bird’s eye view from the top of Lookout Mountain.
  • Roaring Fork: The place gets its name from the ‘roaring,’ gushing mountain stream. It has a one-way looping scenic drive through the Great Smoky Mountains. Drive along the gushy water and plunge into the beauty of mass greenery of green rocks and boulders as the stream rushes through the mountains.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA downtown city skyline at dusk on the Cumberland River.

5. Make Your Way To The Tennessee Museums 

There’s the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum for the history geeks as they dive deep into the history of the state’s development while they sit on vintage trains and experience the authentic steam train ride. Another famous museum, Titanic Museum, attracts a mass influx of visitors, as it has been constructed at 50% size of the original. The staff dressed as the crew members and the original four hundred artifacts will make you feel like an actual passenger of a well-known historical tragedy.


Hence, with so many things to explore and discover, it is known as one of the most action-packed states in the country. Tennessee has some of the most exquisite views, lakes, national forests, state parks, historical city tours, museums, hiking trails, and an ample amount of options to dine and drink. This makes it the perfect vacationing spot for families and couples looking for a getaway and escape from their mundane lives. The history of the culture, thrill, and art in the forms of murals and graffiti will do the job of impressing even the pickiest travelers!

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