While travelling internationally is loads of fun, it’s currently hard to book a big trip. After all, you don’t know how the country will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying a bit extra for tests is ok for many people, but what if the country locks down and suddenly you have to quarantine for a few days? Then it might be a good idea to choose a new holiday concept: discovering your own country. In this blog, we’ll give you three fun holiday ideas you can enjoy in every country. 

1. Enjoy a lovely spa holiday

If you work a lot, you probably ‘keep’ stress in your body. To cleanse your body and mind, it’s lovely to relax in a spa. There are loads of famous spa towns all around the world, such as in the Black Forest in Europe, but there are lovely spas in every country. Many hotels have a great spa, so you can opt for a little citytrip with a spa package, but you can often also book a nice little cabin in the woods with a mini-spa, think of a bubble bath and a sauna. No matter what you pick, you can be sure you’ll feel the stress drain from your muscles when you’re sitting in the hot water of your bubble bath or when you’re lying down in the sauna. Enjoy! 

2. City trip in your own country

Going on a city trip is lots of fun. Staying at a cool hotel, visiting one or multiple museums, checking TripAdvisor to discover the best restaurants and other must-sees…. We’re willing to take a wild guess you have a few things you google before going on a citytrip. But have you ever done that for a city in your country? Maybe there’s a city in your area you’ve been to, but never really discovered. Have you ever visited the most famous museum? Or did you skip the ‘must-see’ because it was touristy? Then it might be a good idea to act like it’s your first time visiting, and see a city like a tourist would. Book tickets to the top-rated museum or attraction, reserve a table at a fancy restaurant, look for a good-rated walking tour, and enjoy! 

camping lantern Traveling and camping concept - camp tent at night under a sky full of stars. Orange illuminated tent. Beautiful nature - field, forest, plain. Moon and moonlight

3. Go camping like when you were a kid

Do you remember the days when your whole family would go camping together? When they’d rent a van (Dutch: personenbus huren) and load up the van with a tent, lots of games, toys and air mattresses? You can still do that – and believe us, it’s just as much fun. And if you don’t like roughing it, you can always rent a small cabin for the entire family. Rent a big van for e.g. 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren) and go relax in a cabin in the woods for a bit. The kids can play outside and the grown-ups can play Rummikub and drink wine. Just like the good old days! 

We hope you have an incredible holiday and can discover some new, beautiful places and experiences in your own country!

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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