Are you thinking about going on camping this summer? Well, with the right accessories, you can get a great experience. There are some essential accessories that could make your camping experience better.

In this article, we will cover the best fifteen Caravan parts and accessories you need for camping in 2021. You can get these accessories from RV Parts Australia, so make sure to check their website.

  1. A Reversing Camera

One of the most essential accessories you should carry on camping is a reversing camera. This reversing camera will give real-time vision. Either you can ask the seller to install a reversing camera when you are buying a van or you can install it later by yourself.

  1. Towing Mirrors

While driving your caravan, you need to be careful about safety, no matter how empty the road is. This is why you need to use towing mirrors on your caravan. You can install towing mirrors by yourself which will cost less than $100.

  1. Suitable Tool Kits

When you are going on off-road driving, you must carry tool kits. You don’t know when an emergency situation is coming, so carry them even you can’t use tools properly. Besides carrying tools for your caravan, make sure to carry kits for camping.

  1. First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is another essential accessory you should carry when you are going off-road camping, especially when you are going with your family. It would be better if you or anyone from your family are trained to use a first aid kit.

  1. Portable Fan or Cooler

Most people make mistakes by not carrying a portable fan on the caravan. You have to tolerate the heat when you are camping during the summer months. This is why a portable fan or air cooler could be the best thing to give you comfort.

  1. Leveling Ramps

When you are parking your van, leveling it is very important, especially when you want to sleep inside peacefully. Leveling ramps could be very helpful in that case. So, don’t forget to carry leveling ramps, even when you are not camping.

  1. Kitchen Items

Camping is not complete without delicious foods. In fact, cooking is one of the most popular activities on camping. So, you need to carry kitchen items when you are going on off-road camping. Make sure you are carrying collapsible and lightweight items.

  1. Outdoor Camping Furniture

There are many things you should not forget while going on off-road camping. Outdoor camping furniture is one of the essential things that you should not forget about. Make sure you are carrying camping furniture like a portable table, small table, and chair.

  1. Camping Chair

As we mentioned above, you need to carry some camping furniture on your caravan. However, when it comes to chairs, make sure you are choosing camping chairs as they are foldable, easy to handle, and easy to carry. Camping chairs are better than expensive deck chairs.

  1. Coffee Maker

A camping morning is incomplete without a cup of coffee. And carrying a coffee maker could make it easier. Plus, a coffee maker is easy to carry and you can carry it on your caravan. Plus, you can enjoy coffee while you are driving.

  1. Folding Fire Pit

When you are going on off-road camping during the winter months, you need to make a fire to get comfortable warm. Carrying a folding fire pit can be the perfect caravan accessory in this case. It’s easy to handle and easy to carry.

  1. Portable Solar Panel

Well, a portable solar panel is not yet that popular yet one of the best caravan accessories for camping. You can charge car batteries and other things. There are many things you can do with a solar panel. However, a portable solar panel will cost around $250.

  1. Air Fryer

Just like a coffee maker, an air fryer is a useful small appliance you can carry on your caravan, especially when you’re going with your family. You can use an air fryer as an alternative to a portable oven.

  1. Scrubba Bag

If you are planning for camping more than one day, then a scrubba bag could be very useful for washing clothes. You just need to put your dirty clothes inside a scrubba bag and then add water and detergent.

  1. Travel Journal

Noting down your camping memory could be an excellent idea. This is why we suggest people carry a travel journal while going on camping. You can also add random photographs to your journal. 


Carrying caravan parts and accessories, while you are camping, could be very beneficial, especially when you are going with your family. Finally, you know the necessary accessories you should take on camping. However, all these items are not useful for everyone, so you need to choose as per your requirements.

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