The island of fire and ice

Welcome to the island of fire and ice. A mythical, adventurous, extraordinarily beautiful place where real volcanos compete with Northern Lights for the attention of its visitors. Travelling to Iceland means travelling to a destination that is famous for its magnificent nature as well as for its friendly inhabitants. One way of fully taking advantage of what the island has to offer is by renting a car and driving yourself around the island, exploring all the treasures for yourself. By renting a car at you will have the freedom to set your own agenda for the trip, not caring about any predetermined time schedule. It will only be you and the open roads, and of course whomever is travelling with you. That is one of the many advantaged with renting a car in Iceland. You and your travel companions will be able to dictate your won route, stop wherever you feel like it and there is even the option of renting a campervan if you want to spend a night “under the stars”. Just make sure to check everything form exchange rates to flight times before you head out. Iceland is home to many sites that are an absolute must if you are visiting and here not only the famous Blue Lagoon is the only option. Perhaps then a few suggestions might be in order as well as some more information on rental cars in Iceland, derived from the site of previously mentioned Reykjavik Cars.

Finding the right set of wheels

Finding the right car for your Icelandic adventure is something that the car rental company will assist you with. They are well-equipped to handle any questions with regards to road safety and traffic regulations as well as the notoriously unpredictable Icelandic weather. Car rental companies such as Reykjavik Cars will be able to provide you with suitable options depending on if you plan to drive around the Ring Road, where a regular 2WD might be the best option or if you plan to explore the F-Roads in which case a 4×4 is recommended. Maybe you will need a super jeep for where you are going and perhaps a campervan is the better choice. At Reykjavik Cars you will also be able to ask for advice in terms of car insurance, which is mandatory in Iceland as well as how to approach things like fuelling up the car and pick-up and drop off points. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the car it might also be advisable to opt for add-ons such as Wi-Fi and GPS. The best thing to do is to make sure you have your travel itinerary ready before making contact with the car rental company and then let them guide you through the process. It really is the perfect way to explore Iceland and there is no end to the possibilities once you are behind the wheels. Pick up your car already at the airport or head to the capital of Reykjavik and collect it there, crossing the magnetic city of your bucket list from the get-go.

11 gems to discover in Iceland

  1. Day Tours from Reykjavik – if you have Reykjavik as your base then it might be a good suggestion to opt for some day tours with your rental car. Close to the capital there are several sites worth visiting and once you’re done, simply head back to the city and enjoy the buzzling nightlife.
    2. Hiking Trails – there are a multitude of hiking trails all over the island so there will be no problem finding one that suits your own personal level. Park the car and head out on amazing adventures in the stunning scenery.
    3. Snaefellsnes Peninsula – one of the most incredible landscapes you will come across on the island and it is well worth the drive. The peninsula itself is home to other exquisite sites including the Snæfellsjökull volcano. Prepare to be amazed.
    4. Pingvellir National Park – one of the islands national parks and there is simply no tiring of the incredible nature that can be found in Iceland.
    5. The Golden Circle – this highway is accessible already from the airport and it includes sights such as the Blue Lagoon.
    6. Geothermal Areas – Hverir is only one example of the many geothermal areas that may be found in Iceland.
    7. Hot Springs – the Blue Lagoon has already been mentioned but there are other hot springs as well, some more crowded than others.
    8. Whale Watching – a unique feature for the island and one that should not be missed. The feeling of being in touch with nature is never more present than when being in the proximity of these incredible creatures.
    9. Black Sand Beaches – visit world-famous Reynisfjara and marvel at the texture.
    10. The Midnight Sun – drive during the evening and be sure to catch the famous Midnight Sun.
    11. Rock Formations – also a sight that may be found around the island and something to definitely write home about.
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